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Watching The History Channel from 5-6 PM EST. They are running Shoot Out.


I've seen some of the shows before. They are great!

Watchin' it now :)


Jim :pdt34:

Didn't want to start a new topic just for this, but starting tonight History Channel is beginning "Fightin' Fridays"...3 one hour shows like "Shootout" " Dogfight" and another one, who's name escapes me at the moment, but all stuff we like to watch! ;)



DD :woof:

This is tonight's schedule, Friday, Nov 3, 2006


08:00 PM Shootout: Iwo Jima: Fight to the Death.

The Battle of Iwo Jima is best known for the famous flag-raising photograph taken on Mt. Suribachi, but there's an untold story behind the picture. Just before the photo was snapped, there was a bloody shootout on the mountain crest. This is just one of the true stories told by veterans of one of the Pacific's bloodiest battlefields, where 70,000 US Marines fought 21,000 entrenched Japanese over eight square miles of death. Follow the men of the 5th Pioneer Battalion as they fight off a savage, last-ditch suicide attack in the waning days of the battle.




09:00 PM The Lost Evidence: 09 - Luzon

On January 9th 1945, General Douglas MacArthur leads an army to Luzon in the heart of the Philippines. Facing them are a quarter of a million Japanese troops. The campaign that follows will be like no other battle of the Pacific War. Watch with extraordinary insight into this climactic battle through countless aerial photographs and cutting edge computer graphics that create 3D models of Luzon's major battlefields. Now it is possible to follow the men of MacArthur's army in their fight to liberate the island. In a race against the clock a specially trained group of Rangers supported by local Philippino guerrillas carry out the most dramatic hostage rescue of World War Two. Powerful eye witness testimony from veterans helps to complete the incredible story of the largest and most complex battle of the Pacific War.




10:00 PM Dogfights: 03 - MiG Alley

Viewers will feel like they're in the battle, facing the enemy, while watching this new series that recreates famous battles using state of the art computer graphics. US Air Force fighter pilots risk their lives flying sleek <EM>F-86 Sabres </EM>above "MiG Alley", the most dangerous piece of sky in the Korean War. The high-speed twists and turns of history's first jet dogfights pit American aces Robbie Risner and Ralph Parr in the battles of their lives against nimble Russian-built <EM>MiG-15 </EM>fighters. First-hand accounts, rare archival footage and original shooting will supplement the remarkable computer graphics. Tank, helicopter, ship and submarine battles will also be included.

Check out this new episode on Dogfights that will be aired on 1 December.


HELL OVER HANOI - December 1 @10PM/9C

The skies over Vietnam. They fight in a supersonic world, where split second decisions determine if they live - or die. American F4 Phantom pilots Fred Olmsted and Dan Cherry take on the famed MiG-21 - the most feared threat in the sky. And one American, Steve Ritchie, becomes a dog fighting legend as an Air Force Ace. You're in the cockpit with some of the fiercest dogfighting ever seen in Vietnam!


I can't wait to see this one. Back in August, I made a trip out to California as part of an aircraft accident investigation and the company sent along a semi-retired pilot who was acting as a techincal defendant for the Company. Since I knew the area, I rented the car and found us a good Mexican resturant. The retired pilot was Fred Olmsted. He told me he had just been out to California the previous week interviewing for this History Channel Show.

Fred flew this mission over Hanoi with the ace Steve Richie where they both shot down a Mig. There is a book on F-4 Phantoms that has color profiles of his Air Force phantom. He told me he would autograph it for me if I got one.


Just thought ya might wanna know.



Excellent post. I bet you ARE excited to see it!


The one on last night was great too!

I love Friday Night TV now..... :o Can't get enough of "Shootout!"




DD :woof:

4:45PM Saturday K.C. Mo. time----Nero is fiddling and Rome is burning !!!!! History Channel. Roque

Yes that is a great show too. Watched it a few times. Worth repeating.

Tonight's "Lost Evidence" is on Market Friday is "Monte Cassino" Attention Rocky! :drinkin:




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