Full Version: Insert Foot in Mouth - AGAIN!
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I'm sure all my readers have heard the original or seen the constant re-broadcasts of Senator John Kerry.


Whether you like the man or not, whether you agree with his politics or not, it was an asinine thing to say. He claims it was supposed to be a joke. If it was, why wasn't he or anyone there laughing?


The bottom line is, if one of us makes a comment on this site and people come back and ask for an explanation, you either say, hey that's what I wanted to say and that's tough, or say, hey that wasn't what I meant and I'm SORRY that you took it that way.


In my book he embarrassed himself once again and insulted our troops. I'm sure they won't be too happy when they hear his inane comments.


He ain't helping the Democratic Party if that's his aim. Many of his fellow Dems have come out and told him to STAY HOME!

Our troops strike back. Way to go guys! You're the best!!!


Breaking from


Our troops in Iraq are sending John Kerry a message. Please enjoy this photo taken today by our brave soldiers in Iraq! Feel free to email this your friends and family.




To quote the Vice President,"Kerry was for the joke before he was against it." ;)


What an effing dope.