Full Version: Hello form a 297th Eng. Kid
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Hi all! Marion, GREAT site! I'm Mari, my Dad is Tony Ippolito, of the 297th Combat Engineers. Just happy to have a place to read, & post with others interested in the Engineers of WWII!

Welcome Mari. I have enjoyed our exchange of emails over the last week. Pleased as punch that you are here!


A big thank you to Colonel Mike Morgan, editor of Army Engineer Magazine, for introducing us. We engineer kids gotta stick together! :pdt34::pdt12:

Hi Mari,


Welcome aboard!!


Also looking forward to hear about your dad!!


Have fun, this is a wonderful place for great info!!



<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Here's a photo that Mari sent me:


"Here's a photo, one of my faves, of my dad (holding the bucket) & the 297th boys in Germany. I love this shot (it's on my living room wall) because it shows the 'kids' behind the 'soldiers'."</span>


" And, I had to send you one of me, since I am such a clone of my Dad. Is there a shot of you on the site? Do you look like Walter? That's me, Mom Dad & my surrogate daughter, Julie, at Dad's Reunion, D-Day, last year."