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Convoys safer at night, but danger is still present


Benjamin is pictured at the bottom of article.

09-07-05 - Received this from Lynette, Ben's wife. Please take 5 minutes of your time to read and respond. If you are going to participate, please send your postcard or card within the next 24 hours to 48 hours if possible. Thank you so much. Marion




Hello everyone. This email serves 2 purposes: the first one is to

update you on Ben and the second one is to get you to participate in



Ben has been very busy; he works 18 hours a day. He is constantly going

out on missions, and now is the acting platoon sergeant for the next 3


Hello everyone. This email serves 2 purposes: the first one is to



Ben has been very busy; he works 18 hours a day. He is constantly going

out on missions, and now is the acting platoon sergeant for the next 3

weeks. To explain that position to you in a nutshell - he is now in

charge of about 30 soldiers instead of just the 8 in his squad. HUGE

RESPONSIBILITY and lots of STRESS associated with it!!!!!!!


Things seem to be picking up there as far as insurgent activity. But I

am happy to report that the Iraqi police forces ARE STANDING their

ground and fighting back - instead of running like they were before.

Regardless of what you hear or see on TV our soldiers are doing A LOT of

GOOD over there. It's very unfortunate that the media seems to only

choose negative things to report. It's very frustrating to the soldiers

and their families. Every US soldier (all of them) NEEDS OUR SUPPORT and

most of all our PRAYERS. Sometimes in the hustle and commotion of

everyday life, we forget about the unselfish soldiers deployed, giving

us the opportunity to live our lives the way that we do.


Now that brings me into "OPERATION SMILE":




It is the home stretch for Ben and the 113th Eng Bn and we are hoping

they will be home for Christmas. It has been a long year and right now

Ben needs more than ever to have his sprits lifted. That is why

"Operation Smile" has become a mission of ours.


I would like for everyone to please take 5 minutes out of your busy

lives and send Ben a note, a card, a letter or just a postcard.

Something like, been thinking about you, thank you and God bless you,

we support your effects, appreciate all the sacrifices that you are

making, you are doing a great job over there, keep your spirits up,

keep your head up but remember to duck when you need too, be careful and

stay safe.


Just send him SOMETHING. He could really use a smile right now. Please

DON'T email it. I am looking for an old fashioned hand written note that

you would stamp and mail.


Ben has NEVER, not even once, mentioned a little that he didn't want to

go over there. When his deployment began, he left as a PROUD SOLDIER

who was protecting his family's freedom, his friend's freedom and the

freedom of the United States and all of its citizens. So please take

just a few minutes out of your day to send him a card that will make him



So here is the mission's plan. Everyone write him a quick hey how ya

doing? And mail them starting .........WEDNESDAY, September 7th. So

between now and Wednesday put it in the mail. Believe me when I say, he

could use the cheering up right now. If you are REALLY up for a

challenge: have other people send him a quick hi. Your friends,

co-workers, anybody you know. Mail call over there makes or breaks a

soldier's day. Morale drops in individual soldiers when they receive no

mail. That came from Ben's mouth. We have a big enough family, and

extended family, and friends that he shouldn't have to go for long

without mail. They have approximately (and hopefully) about 4 months

left. So sharpen up those pencils and let's make this mission a



Ben's address is as follows:


SSG Benjamin Joy

Co B 113th EN BN

APO, AE 09334


So please WRITE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


More to follow.................eventually : )


Thank you for your support.

Lynette, Brittney, Bailey & Brooklynn



Some quotes to think about:


We enjoy freedom and the rule of law on which it depends,

not because we deserve it, but because others before us

put their lives on the line to defend it.

* Thomas Sowell