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The Unit on Tuesday nights at 9:00 on CBS.


It's about a modern day elite special forces unit starring the guy that does the Allstate commercials.


Ed told me about this show last season and I immediately became addicted.



No haven't seen it, so thanks for the heads-up.

It is a great show when they have carry out a special ops mission. Sometimes their mission is not that dangerous and the focus of the episode is on their personal lives. So far it has been great this year.


The first or second episode of last year they were called in on a hostage episode with a group of aircraft hi-jackers/terrorists. The team of 2 or 3 arrived on the scene of a parked a/c under survelience and began giving orders to the regular Army. The Army commanders didn't like that. So, the Spec Ops leader just did his thing and didn't tell the Army commander. The took out the bad guys with snipers and then rushed the plane. It was cool.



Yeah they do some really cool stuff on there. I especially liked the one last season when they were someplace catching drug people and they all had to get back to base on their own.



This looks lie a show that I would really like, but I am a little hesitant after getting addicted to "24".


24? I never did watch that one. It looked good on the previews but somehow I never did catch it.


I'm guessing it ended badly???


I'm hopelessly addicted to Lost. This season is just moving so SLOW.



The same for me with "Lost". I never thought of watching it until my daughter borrowed a CD set of the 1st season. My wife and I started watching each episode and only lasted thru about 6.

The first episode that had the details of the airplane crash was funny. One closeup shot revealed the aircraft had NO BRAKES!! There were wheels installed on the landing gear but no brakes. I guess they didn't need brakes since they knew it wasn't going to land but instead crash on the set. Ha.


So this year, I still have not watched one episode of Lost. Why? Well, I know that each episode builds on the other one-----we used to call that soap opras----that I feel like I will be totally LOST. ;)



24 is an incredible show.It is about a counter-terrorism org. and the entire seasn takes place in the 24 hour timeframe. us "24" junkies couldnt miss a minute. I recomment renting the season on cd. The next season starts in January




Agreed. My daughter turned me onto it. Unfortunately I started second season with a marathon on one of the networks over a holiday, but was hooked half way into the first episode. Talk about intrigue. Wow. Will have to take out the series on NetFlix like I do everything else.


That is how I got hooked on the Sopranos, Sex in the City and now, 6 Feet Under. :pdt34::pdt34::pdt34:

I loved 6 feet under but we downgraded the cable and I don't get it anymore.



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