Full Version: info on 363rd and 369th Engineers
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Hi, I followed Marions link from the Triggertime Forum. Have enjoyed reading Art M's Detroit memories. I grew up pretty close to the area he did about 50 years later. I also am looking for any information on an ww II engineer named Charles Stevenson 363rd?? Battalion? I will exhaust the avenues given in the forum before I request information formally. Collector/accumulator for many years.

Regards, Jeff Thomas

Son of

Marvin Thomas

13th Armored Division

Blackcat, WWII

Good morning Jeff:


Glad you followed me over from Bando's site. A warm welcome.


I see you have a question mark next to the battalion name. Is this because you don't have access to his records such as discharge papers to confirm this? Do you have a patch or anything like that?


Let me know. Will be happy to see what I have on that unit.


Also happy to see a fellow area Detroiter. My neighborhood too. :drinkin:

Actually about 12 years ago I came into the possesion of a captured walther p-38.

It came from a friend whose father had long ago passed away.

He told me his fathers name, Charles Stevenson and only new that he was with the 363rd engineers. I found a listing at nara for him which confirms he was an engineer, but have never found any information about the 363rd. Regards, Jeff

If he is looking for the 363 regt. that should be a GS Engineer unit. If he is looking for the 3rd. Bn. of the 36 Engineer Regt. then we have him in site. AL

Jeff I would contact the Army Corps of Engineer's office first and then Richard Horrell of WW2 Connections to see what he has. These contacts can be found in my Research section.


So far I haven't come up with anything on my end, but will keep looking for info on the 363rd Engineers.


Evidently they are still an engineering unit in Iraq.

Hi Jeff,


But you have to get the WW2 terminology correct around here or Marion will pounce on you like Tigre.


Actually about 12 years ago I came into the possesion of a captured walther p-38.


You should refer to this as "liberated weapons". :rolleyes:



:lol::lol::lol: You get a gold star today Steve!

MMM, Liberated..... I knew that! Got it. Thanks all for the leads, I'll let y'all know what I find. You have a very nice site! Regards, jt

Hope we don't scare ya with our sometime "off" sense of humor. Things get a bit wacky around here at times, but we're pretty harmless. :lol::lol: Enjoy your stay.

Na, I don't scare that easy, remember I'm from and still live in Detroit! :drinkin:

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