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:rolleyes: I am some one who is curious about my uncle ( Anthony Zommer) who died of wounds on October 3rd 1944- I did not know him - I have some letters and would like to hear from any one who has anything on the 36 th Infantry Division 143 Infantry ( Army)Regiment. I do have information on my Father who was in the Navy on the U.S.S.LST 447 - any one who wishes this information can contact me.


Thank You



Welcome aboard and I hope this board will be able to help you out!


Welcome Terivee. By the way, great name! :pdt34:


There is a wealth of info on the 36th, and you can probably contact this person to get more info:


36th Association



Here are some very good links too:


Thanks for joining. I look forward to hearing more about your dad too. Let us know what you find out after talking to the 36th Association.

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I also had an uncle in the 142nd Regiment of 36ID, who was captured the first day of Salerno. Try the Texas History website on the 36th Division. They have a forum and they will help out. The site used to have a complete roster of the 36th Division by unit but I don't know where it is now.


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