Full Version: Vosges Mountains
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I hope all is going well for you !


If some persons, need some helps, about the Vosges moutains, for example photos, maps address.... , don't hesit to ask me, it will be an pleasure for me.


A bientot,




Nice to hear from you once again. All is well here. Getting ready to fly out to a 36th Combat Engineer's reunion tomorrow, so I know we will be talking about the Vosges area, etc. I will let them know that you can provide assistance if needed. I will keep it in mind too. I'm sure I will have questions for you as I write the history of the VI Corps units. Thanks in advance for your help.



Hi Marion,


No problem, it is an pleasure, don't hesit !!


Take care you and all


A bientot


Gerome :pdt12:

Hello all,


I forgot to specify, it was in the Vosges mountains several american division were in this area, for example, the 36th, 3rd, and 45th.


Bye Bye ! :lol: