Full Version: Hey GI Wanna Buy A Tank??
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Here's another one I hope you enjoy because it shows what we as 18 year old kids had to put up with instead of chasing G-I-R-L-S !!!!


The City of Rennes,Northern France was taken some time between the 30th of July and the First of August 1944(not positve of actual date) just after the breakout from Coutances but I will never forget this incident. The City had been secured and most of the Krauts were gone but some snipers were still around so it was still necessary to CYA to be polite.


My Plt. was given an area near one of the only bridges in the town to patrol to prevent it's being blown-we were something of a roving patrol in a jeep with a .50cal. mounted on it.


We were riding with what we called "cat eyes" lights(no headlights were allowed) so the visibility was limited. Slowly rolling down a side road near the bridge through a wooded area the guy on the .50cal. kicked my shoulder and pointed to the treed area and when I looked up he had cupped his hand behind his ear and was pointing to the trees.


Rolling to a stop,we then all heard the distinct sound of a Tiger Tank exiting the trees and in his haste to get off the road the driver put us in a ditch on our side the .50cal. pointed at the sky!!! was useless.


We were then left with two M1s a Thompson MG and three .45s so the only thing to do was run like H**l for cover but never saw anybody outrun a bullet!!


Slowly the Tiger approached and the turret with the infamous "88" was pointed in our direction but nothing had been fired at us which was a big mystery to us. When it was practically on top of us,the top hatch opened and a head popped out and we heard "Hey GI's we're FFI and can't use this without gas you wanna buy it-Ha HA-?".


At that point,we didn't know whether to shoot them after they all got out or to kiss them because they were FFI but first a change of clothes was needed by all three of us.


Called the CP and asked for a disposition for the Tiger and the intellegence guy replied "Get rid of it ASAP"


I often wonder if it's still in that river after it was slowly run off the bridge???


Why we grew up and old fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sgtleo :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Most of the time it's safer to chase femmes. Notice I said, most of the time. :pdt12::pdt12::pdt12:


Chercher la femme... :heartpump:



I still chase them Mademoiselles but when I catch them I forget why I was chasing them in the first place(LOL).


Sgtleo :heartpump::banghead:

Damn, still nice to look at though! :lol::lol:

Great story Sgt. Leo! As far as the Tiger still being in the river goes, it was probably pulled out, parted out, and sold on eBay by now! :lol: Seriously...just the other day a guy in Hungary was selling a sprocket wheel off a medium Kraut tank on eBay!

On a more serious note...I often think about the sights you guys must have witnessed

as boys/men in the 1940's over there, and don't wonder why so many of you didn't want to share those memories until very late in life.


Jim :woof:

Talking about Kraut tanks .... that reminds me of a photo of a knocked out tank I saw.

Underneath, the GI had written in pen "German made, American modification".


(Ok, it's an older topic, but hey I just wanted to share this :armata_PDT_01: )



Love the GI's sense of humor! :frown:

Over the years, I heard some comical stories from Veterans or read them in books.

One particular one was GIs of some unit being quite happy when the German artillery blew up their field kitchen (luckily nobody got hit).

They had gotten very tired of having to eat the same chow all the time.

Go figure.