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I wanted everyone to know that I wasnt ignoring the forum the past few weeks. I had been TDY with the Air Force to Romania. I just returned last night. I figured since I was offline for a while I would reintroduce myself. Ha Ha


It was very hot while we were there. Usually 100+ everyday. Real hot when you have to be outside all day for 12 hours plus. Our F-16s flew against the old Russian Mig-21 flown by the Romanians. Here is a picture of whats left of their Mig-29 fleet. 17 aircraft that havent flown since 2000. They cant afford to fix them.


Time off was good though. We got to stay on the Baltic. The area we stayed was a tourist area so it was pretty nice. Lots of cheap beer!! Us GIs love cheap beer. The rest of the country resembles a poor third world country. They are trying to work their way into the EU. Their trying hard to build up after years of Russian repression. For the most part they love Americans. All in all it was a good TDY but I am glad to be home again.


A hearty hello to all again,




Welcome back. Why do I hear an old theme song from an old TV show? :lol::lol:


Hey, I missed ya. Glad to hear that all went well and that you actually did get to enjoy some it in spite of those hell-like temps. Whew! Don't envy ya. :fireyhair:


Thanks for posting a pic of the MIGS. It's interesting to hear how things are really functioning (or not) in Romania. You get to see both sides of the coin.


Here's to CHEAP BEER. I'll drink to that. :drinkin::drinkin::drinkin:



That 100+ heat, was it dry or humid, humid like in K.C. or dry like No. Africa.

Is that all the aircraft they have? Maybe if welend them a buck or two they can

fix some of them or trade them in for new ones. Glad to here from you again,

Sept. 8,,9,10 is getting closer and I am starting to get a little antsy. Roque

It was really interesting to see how the other half worked. They cant afford to fly the Mig-29 so they still fly the Mig-21 it must be much cheaper to operate. I think they only have a few bases that fly the Mig-21 and that is it.


I also got to tour their Parlement building. A very nice building. Much bigger than our White House. The only thing is it was like touring a ghost town. I guess they dont meet very often.




It was very humid there. It was right on the Baltic Sea. We were sweating by 8am. Your reunion is the same weekend as a WWII re-enactment I am going to in Viesville, Belgium. We are retracing the tracks of the 2nd and 3rd U.S. Armored Divisions in September 1944. We will be riding in Shermans and half tracks through these towns.


Good luck at your reunion.