Full Version: Dogfaces Who Smiled Through Tears
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A good one indeed Brooke! I think I'll go take a shower... :lol:

I thought this was especially funny. I used to work for a couple Arab fellows at a hotel so I know where he's coming from....



Glad you all liked the book. It makes me happy to know that the campaigns of No. Africa and Italy are now being talked about. Yes the hot sands of No. Africa and the cold,cold, mtns. of Italy. Marion has Ellen Ankrum e-mailed you yet? Y'all keep reading. Rocky

No nothing yet! But, I'm sure she will. Thanks for passing on my info to so many at the reunion. :D

I am having the book special ordered by Border's Books in Yakima for $27.00. Can't wait to read it! BTW Rocky...Please don't feel like the Italy and No. Afrika campaigns are being ignored! For me it has always been a strong interest...that's why I have the item pictured in my collection! ;):pdt34:



:woof: Jim


Thanks Jim. Enjoy the book. Roque

I'm sure I will enjoy it! That bookstore emailed me back and said they couldn't get a copy, so I emailed Jerry Gordon, who will send me a copy for $20! :pdt34: Thanks 34th!


Jim :woof:

Attempting to order my copy now! Hopefully Jerry has more copies.



Attempting to order my copy now! Hopefully Jerry has more copies.



Yea Kyle, he does have some. Makes me very happy to see you all getting

the book. But I believe Marion has the only book with his autograph,

Homer Ankrum, that is. Rocky.

Mr. Ankrum must have been quite a character.


I did peel off the spiffy 34th division sticker that Mr. Gordon had on the package and placed it inside of my book.


The book is very detailed and very interesting. Did you know the Chaplain Hoffman?



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