Full Version: Too close to home
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Well many of you have probably already heard of the two stories regarding terrorists in my home state of Michigan. One in Caro, MI which is less than two hours from here in the thumb area, and the one regarding blowing up our Mackinaw Bridge which connects the two peninsulas.


A thoughtful and suspicious Wal Mart employee called police when three Muslim men began buying cell phones by the handful. When rounded up, they found over 1000 cell phones. Authorities suspect that these were to be used a bombs in the near future.


Today they found photos of the Mackinaw Bridge, etc. The bridge is about two hours north of us, straight down I-75.


As I said, too close to home... Hey jerks, get the hell out of my state. Thank God or ALLAH, that fortunately for the terrorists, they were pretty stupid and drew attention to themselves.


Stay vigilent! :o

It's time to realize we are at war.My homeland security

idea is this.We know these terrorists are harbored and supplied by mideast countries

let's take the kid gloves off.When we are sure who they

are,let them know any terrorist attack on the United States,we will bomb

cities in these countries.

If this sounds idiotic and

risky remember War Is Hell.

Yes innocent civilians will die but remember our WTC

victims were innocent too.

Where is Gen.Patton when we

need him. God Bless America.

Keep Us Safe-Jim H

Hey Jim, I'm a pretty much a hard-liner too. No nonsense. Trust me I do not want to hurt innocent civilians either, but sometimes ya gotta do, what ya gotta do. In this day of modern warfare (terrorism), there is virtually no way to get at them without hurting others.


I truly feel that if countries like Lebanon, Syria, etc. are going to knowledgably harbor them, then they have to be willing to suffer the consequences. If I knowingly harbored bank robbers or rapists in my town or home, then well, too bad for me because I would be A PART OF IT and would have to take what comes.


So I say, let them have it. This ain't for the faint of heart and it's going to get much worse before it gets better. We have to play hardball and get rid of the sons of....


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