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Hello Marion, :direct:


I want to tell you some hot news,I have recieved from Steve Dall the e-mailaders off mr.Robert Brown. Mr.Robert Brown is a still living memeber of the 372 Engr.He`s now around 80 years old and I have send him a mail today.You would not believed it but he was there while Rodney Harris was killed.He was killed by a boobytrap on a german munutionsplant.I even now the place its was Babinghaussen in Germany.Its 500 km from Rotterdam so I will searce for information about that place and hopefully I can locate something from that time.

I hope that mr. Brown will tell me more about Rodney.

Second news is that I recieved a answer from Shirley Levine from Dane county Wisconsin, she `found` Rodney`s parents.Unfortunally his father died in 1950 at the age of 55 of coronary thrombosis.His mother died in september 1956.

Importend to now for me is his Birthday,its was on 1 augustes.He was born on that date in 1922.

Now i can laydown some flowers on his birthday too.

She also has writhen that there was a yearbook picture of him and I hope that she can copy it for me.

Shirley doesn`t stop searcing because ther is a little chance that some cousins still alive,the must be round 80 years now.

On this moment I now a lot of Rodney ,but i will contuning my searce for more info.

Marion, best wishes


Henk, that is great news. I am so happy for you. I know how good it feels to get news like that, especially when you've been waiting for so long. I guess you know you just have to keep trying and never give up, because you never know who you will run into. This must be like an early Christmas present. :clappin::wave2:


My name is Ray Chambers. I am the oldest son of Sam E. Chambers who served in the 372nd Engineers during WWII. He told many stories, (and I am sure that he did NOT tell many stories) about those years. He worked in England on the floating concrete structures as well as many other experiences. I served in the US Army from 1958 - 1960. During that time, I took a Rhine River Cruise, and took many photos. When I returned home, I was showing my Dad the photos, and at one point, he stopped me and explained that he had been to that vey place. The photo that he was looking at was the riverfront of St. Goar, and I was standing on the opposite side of the river in St Goarshausen. He also told of rowing the infantry across the Rhine. I am not sure where or when he crossed. I know that most of his comrads are gone now, but I would like to fill in some of the blanks in my mind. Before he died in 2002, I tried to find any mention of the 372nd Engineers on the internet, but did not find anything. This is the first time I have been able to find anything. He was burried in Claremore, Oklahome with full military honors.




My dad was from Claremore, Oklahoma, and one other man was Lee Howard, who was also from Claremore. Another friend was Carl Bowie from Vinita, Oklahoma. I have heard many other names, but do not recall them now.




Another incident that he told me about was during the invasion of Normandy, He was in the first wave to head across the channel. A crane in the hold of the ship got loose and was causing havock, so the ship was turned around and returned to port to re-secure the equipment. It was the third day before they reached France, and at some point later he was in a group who was sent to Bar Le Duc. I remembered the name, and when my wife and I were there in 1998, we drove to Bar Le Duc.




If anyone is aware of any of these incidents, I would be interested in hearing about them.


Ray Chambers

Tucson, AZ

Good morning Ray, and welcome to our forum.


Everyone here knows just how difficult it can be to find info on one's loved one and unit. Impossible; heck no! Time consuming and many times frustrating; yes!


However as you've discovered, we did have some info for you, and suggestions on how to acquire more.


I strongly suggest you click on the USERNAMES of those who have posted in this section, and get together with them, to see how they've progressed. Always nice to begin friendships with the sons and daughters of the men of your father's unit.


I look forward to talking with you, and hope your stay will be fruitful and fun!



Welcome Ray.

I assume your father worked on the Mulberry Harbour Project? My reference book does not list the 372nd so I will have to hope Marion can help!


I also served in Germany from 1959 - 1962 in the RAF. Where were you?



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