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Received this email from Lynette (Ben's wife) today!


Great news!  Ben's convoy arrived safely in Mosul, Iraq on Tuesday.  He has not called me yet, but I was told both convoys (they traveled seperate) made it to Mosul safely.  Ben's convoy- thank the Lord above- made it with NO RESISTANCE!  Ben was lead convoy commander. (No, that doesn't mean he is an officer)  They put Ben in the lead humvee (called a gunship, for it's weapon power) to navigate the way up to Mosul.  He was in charge of getting them there, fast and safe and he did both.  Well he might argue the fast part, it took them 4 days.  He was also in charge of spotting I.E.D's (improvised explosive devices), and ambushes.  There was NO DOUBT in my mind that he would get them all up there.  He was in charge of 20 guys and  7 vehicles.  They made 3 stops on the way up.  They left Camp New York on Saturday, and went to the border (I told him too bad it wasn't Taco Bell lol) and they spent the night there-he got the comfort of sle


The FOB (forward operating base) that they are staying at up there is called Camp Merez.  Yes, that is the camp where the suicide bomber went into the mess tent and killed people.  They have really beefed up security around the area and put up more concrete barriers.







I would like to thank you all for your prayers and good wishes.  They worked!!!  Please keep them coming.


I will keep you posted.



Good news all. Ben is home from Iraq. Thank God he came home safely. He is now back with his family. :pdt34: