Full Version: Future Engineer's Reunion - Please voice your opinions!
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Are we the only ones who want to keep this tradition going?

I certainly hope not, but it may be. People today seem to have such short attention spans that they can only think of something if it is TRENDING. I suppose that is because there is just too much stimuli to keep track of. It's like the kid with so many toys that he only plays with the few he is liking at the time. You draw his attention to the Legos in the back of the closet and all of a sudden they are being played with again. Perhaps the Hacksaw Ridge movie will get people interested again - if only for a while. . .


That would be so sad... :armata_PDT_23::tearyeyed:

Yes, indeed. . .

Ya, even though we got several LIKES on FB, regarding my question, only two people responded; one was Colin and the other was Mike Shilling.


It just makes me sad. The apathy makes me sad.


What can you do though? You can reach out and make the effort, but beyond that...


Hey, it if only winds up being a dozen of us, then so be it. We will carry on and raise our glasses high and remember and honor our loved ones. Essayons!

Well I think 12 would work but I make it 15+ and the one thing a lower number would affect is our relationship with the Crowne Plaza's attitude to room discount and hospitality suite. Perhaps we'll end up in a B&B???


Maybe we now leave it till the new year and than start a positive drive to recruit people for 2017. I think of people like Nancy and those who respond on FB but don't attend?


Your last paragraph holds the key Marion!



Oh sorry I meant a dozen for the "new" reunions in the future. I don't think we will have a problem with reunion 2017.


But I thought about that too. Renting out a house or getting a BnB, something of that nature. That way it remains an intimate setting. I like that.

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