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John has his story on our site and is a frequent contributor and good friend.


Dear Sirs:


Dr. John E. McAuliffe, WW-II Veteran, Worcester, MA recently attended the annual Luxembourg-American Friendship week in Gonderange, Duchy of Luxembourg, where he received the MEDAL OF HONOR at the PRESCATORE, Gen. Patton's former Headquarters, awarded "in recognition of his selfless Services and brave Achievements during World War II". At a special ceremony at the Cultural Center in Oetrange, followed by a dinner ,he was among those entered into The Legion of Honor of the Chapel of Four Chaplains., June 21 2006.The award is in recognition of service to all people regardless of race or faith. The award symbolizes for all Americans and for all time the unity of this Nation, founded upon the Fatherhood of One God.


The week included attendance at the Cathedral in Luxembourg City at the "Te Deum" in the presence of the grand-ducal family, held on the observance of the Duke's birthday; a National Holiday. Other receptions included a commemoration at Hamm Cemetery and a Mass at the parish church in Dahl in remembrance of all the American soldiers who gave their live during the Battle of the Bulge and WW-II; a visit to the largest WW-II Museum in Diekirch; organ concerts in Contern and a great barbecue at Michie's tavern at the site of the marker that honors Sgt. Robert Turner of the 80th Inf. Div, a CMH awardee.


Dr. McAuliffe, who served as an infantryman with the 87th Inf. Div., spent a second week visiting friends in St. Hubert and at the Remember Museum 1939-45 in Thimister-Clermont, also visitng several Battle of the Bulge sites in various towns.


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508 754 7183.