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Good evening (and goodmorning),


greetings from Holland! I like to introduce myself. Since 1993 I have been researching a great part of the Ardennes. Collecting stories, pictures from both sides, made me realize that this is what we should forget what happened outthere, so I started to put down all what happened on paper. I started at the so called North Shoulder, and if you would visit my homepage I created to pay tribute to all of those veterans who fought for our freedom, you will find most of the info that is still on units I started to research first. In the meantime I'm 'working' my way down the road, and already now I have the Schnee Eifel units nearly done.


Well, I hope to find veterans of the 87th who are going to support me, and maybe will send their account on what they made through during the Battle of the Bulge.


Hans J. Wijers

Home page:

Battle of the Ardennes "North Shoulder" 1944-45


Good afternoon and good evening to you Hans.


So very nice to have you here. Thank you for joining and becoming a member of our litte family. I am certain we can help you and we DO have three members of the 87th featured right here on our site and two are actively involved on our site:


Good luck with your research. You are to be commended for your hard work and dedication. I look forward to talking with you in the future.



Hans this is too amazing. James Hennessey of the 87th just sent me your link yesterday and I pulled up the site earlier today. Little did I know that it was YOUR site. Did James send you my way, or what that just an amazing coincidence? :rolleyes:


BTW, I was going to place that link on my main site this weekend. Too cool! :pdt34:

Hans ,


Welcome to this board .


I live close to the Ardennes as well .

If you need some more help on the North Shoulder I can send you the stuff I have . Including some 87 th stories .


Feel free to contact me .



Mr Wijers ,


As you are I’m researching the bulge for many years now .

I do guide groups around the Bastogne area .

I started to research the 291st engineer combat battalion on demand .


I normally get into 101st and 82nd ABN stuff but nowadays I’m handling the North Shoulder .


I think in some way we can get in touch . I visited your website recently . Well done .


Hope to hear from you soon .


Here are my details .


Reg Jans

St-Quirinusstraat 77

3550 Heusden-Zolder

0496/777 173

post :




Got your message. Delighted to hear that you are in contact with Jim Hennessey. One of my very best friends. I hope you enjoy his friendship as much as I do! :pdt34: