Full Version: 36th Combat Engineers 2006 Reunion
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Quality Inn, Lebanon, PA


September 21st to September 24th


Hotel # 1-800-626-8242


Rooms $50.00 per night if reserved at least a month ahead of time mentioning the 36th Engineers.


Reunion registration $35.00 each up to August 15, afterwards $40.00 each.


This inclucdes the banquet and the Hospitality Room.


Send a check SAP to John T. Fallon


2459 First Ave


Avalon, NJ 08202





If God is willing, I will be attending again this year. ;)

Just booked my flight this evening. Am hoping that some other sons, daughters, and grandkids will follow me there. Anyone belonging to the 36th or 540th are welcome. Let's get together.


Am arriving in PA on Thursday, Sept 21.


Am leaving PA on Sunday, Sept 24.

Good luck Marion,


Hope you get to meet lots of vets and family members. Enjoy yourself and give those vets a big thanks from me over here in Germany.





Roger that! Will do Kyle. I have a little surprise for the guys this year too.


We will have a great time and this year I am arriving earlier so more time to get stories and photos, etc.

Just found out that my daughter will be joining me on my trip. How cool is that. We are both excited. Just booked the hotel room this morning too. All set for a really fun and memorable trip. :wave2:

Just planned another surprise for MY GUYS. Am arranging all the details this weekend. Wish I could say more, but don't want them to find out. Will let you guys know how it goes after the reunion in a few weeks. :pdt34::drinkin:

Found this great little program that costs only $15.00. It allows me to simply open the program, press record and begin recording interviews. You can use it with an attached or built in microphone.


I installed it on my office computer and my new laptop. This will be a great tool for me at this week's reunion. No more fumbling with tape recorders and batteries and then having to download files, etc. Now I can simply start the program and hit the record button.


Tried it this morning and it works like a peach. Very clear sound and the files are very, very easy to work with.


If anyone is interested in obtaining this great piece of software, try the link below. You can even download a trial. :pdt34:


Now I don't have to worry about trying to remember all the stories I hear. I'll have a permanent record. :drinkin:

I am home, well sitting in the airport in Detroit waiting for a connector flight home. Had an almost three hour lay-over, so ordered some Mexican food and a Sam Adams beer and thought I'd check my email and forum. My plane boards in about 15 minutes, so gotta put the laptop away and get ready for the flight home. Had a blast. More details later. Almost home....

My prayers were with all the 36th and their families for a safe and pleasant trip home today. I cant wait to hear all about it Marion.


"Son of a Seahorse"

36th Engineers will always be RUGGED :drinkin:

Here's the first photo tonight. These are all the vets who were there Saturday evening. The best bunch of guys ever!!!! B)


Here are the names:

Top row: Mike Cassic, John Zappitelli, John Ivancik, John Fallon, Harold Bare, Art Cook

Bottom row: Paul Blackburn, Charles Kassebohm, Vito Cupertino, Tony Stefanelli, Carl Furtado, Bob Felker


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