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My father was in 253d Engr Combat BN, Seventh Army, trained at Camp Crowder and Camp Campbell, Ky in summer of 1944, before debarking for UK then to Europe in fall of 1944. DD-214 says they were part of Central Europe campaign. After V-E day they stayed in Heidenheim GE as part of reconstruction group until returning to NYC in April 1946.


I have limited information from my dad, but discovered many photographs taken stateside before they debarked, and some from Europe- a couple traveling the Autobahn, a couple in fox holes during the winter of 44-45, and which seem to be Heidenheim.


I did make contact with one of my dad's comrads, Mr. Frank Perlberg, who happened to be in one of my dad's pictures. Mr. Perlberg filled in some details---they debarked Boston on SS West Point to Liverpool. They returned from Heidenheim to Le Havre via train (my dad has pictures) then to NYC via SS Sea Robin.


DD-214 says the unit was part of XI Corps, but I find no reference to any of this Corp being in Europe---was in the Pacific. I wonder if its a typo and should be VI Corps. I have been unable to find the unit listed or referenced anywhere.

Welcome to the forum. Probably a typo error on his 214 like you said. Joe

Hi New Guy Gary: :wave:


You've probably already seen my reply to your request in the other section (Looking For...). I hope you find that helpful. That should give you a start in the interim.


I strongly suggest that you use the sources I have in the Research section too. They include the Army Corps of Engineers, NARA, and a private researcher. amongst others.


Let me know how it goes and keep us posted along the way. Somtimes it's hard getting off the ground, but once you do... Heck just look at me. I started with almost nothing and two years later I am sitting on a gold mine of info. It's been the best trip I've ever taken. :pdt20::pdt34:


Enjoy your stay and welcome. :coffee:





Would love to hear more about your father.. I would love to see some of your fathers pictures. I am US Air Force stationed in Germany.. It would be great to put some of those pictures in view 60 years later.


Hope to hear more from you.