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My Granddad was in the 48th with Mr. Kincer. Nice to see that there are still some of these amazing men around, and that there are still families and friends insisting that their stories and experiences will remain with us. Greetings to all, and thanks Walt'sDaughter for building this site. I thought I lost Grandpa for good, but thanks to you I haven't.

:D Welcome and hi from Luxembourg. :drinkin:

Hi Bob! Welcome! I am so glad that I am able to bring you and so many others back in touch with their dads and grandads in one way or the other. Trust me, this site is a Godsend for me too and makes me feel at times that my dad isn't really gone.


Mr Kincer is a true gentleman and real friend. All I can say is that I'm very glad our paths have crossed.


Hey, do you know about the reunion later in the year? I have the info posted under the reunion section here on the forum. I am planning on attending for a day. It's only a few hour drive from my house, so I can't miss it!

:pdt20: His Grand Dad was Robert, Bob, Taylor, Cpl second platoon. Bob lost a foot in a mine field while rescuing a French lady from a mine field. He was a real Hero. We visited several times at our 48th Engineer reunionsn in the 60 years since. Dorothy Taylor, Bob's Wife still lives. Great Man...Bob Taylor...AL

Welcome to this great site .