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This memorial Day stood out in my mind more than past years. The only explation I can think of is that as I get older, it weighs more heavily on my heart. I think of how we Americans let events slide off into nowhere. I get angry at how we forget the past. Those who gave a part of themselves and those who gave up their future. I find it hard to figure us out. Americans can fight, and if command is lost, they can think for themselves and continue the fight. All of this and I remember an incident when my schooling in airborne radar was over. the war in Europe just ended. We were then trained in shipboard radar, and sent down to New Orleans as three man crews to operate radar on troop ships, taking supplies over and bringing back G.I's for "Emancipation". (sorry for that).


While waiting for a ship, we pulled all sorts of duty. One, I will always remember. For a few days, Bernie and me were to report to the O. D's. shack for flag duty. We reported in the morning for Revely, later on for Retreat. This ritual consisted of two enlisted men and one officer. This one time when Bernie was bringting down the colors, I and the officer were standing back and saluting. While that was going on, I noticed that many uniformed men were going about, oblivious to Taps being played. Maybe one excuse can be made. I doubt that any soldier that had been through hell was in that camp. Seems that the first thing a new recruit should learn, is proper respect for the flag.


Maybe I sound a bit Maudlin, but the stars & stripes are next to god for me. Call me a centimental old fool?. I'll go with that. It's not the first time, nor the last.

Did I mention that I :heartpump: sentimental old fools? :lol:

Line forms here.


I kinda like 'em too!!



Ah, Brooke and I, sisters-in-arms. ;)

Ah, Brooke and I, sisters-in-arms. ;)