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Let's each of us take the time to remember the vets who gave all for their countries, regardless of class, creed, color or war. Each of them gave their blood for a cause and a belief that lives on to this day.










There are many other fine links, but these give one a good start...


Floral order form to have flowers put on a soldiers grave worldwide !

Thank you Reg!

Thank you Reg!

Amen Marion. Did you recv. e-mail I sent? Rocky j

Yes my amigo I did. Though not till later tonight. Today was a very busy day at our store with the big holiday. One of our biggest weekends of the year!


Also had family up this evening. It was very nice. :wub:


Today at 2 a clock local time is a ceremony at the US. Cemetery in Hamm Luxembourg I'm going there with my Daughters and lay a bouquet of flowers to any one Grave to Honor them all,

and to speek a bit with my Daughters why so many young Soldiers from overseas Died for our Liberty and now rest on our Ground.


I think it's important to tell them because the youth from today knows less from year to year about WWII not even to think about WWI.


How's is it in the US is the lack of interest the same ??


Have a nice Weekend you all :wave:

Lack of interest? Ya, that's putting it mildly in a lot of cases. While we do have large parades and veterans march and flags fly and some do realize what this DAY IS REALLY ALL ABOUT, most think it's just an excuse to get time off of work, eat burgers and get drunk. :(


A lot of Americans especially the younger generation have no idea about our history and WWII. Many of them don't even know about the wars that their country was involved in. It's not all the kids fault, it's our schools who teach social studies and NOT HISTORY. A sad state of affairs.


Luckily we have sites and forums like this and TV like the History Channel, etc. Hopefully we can keep this alive and teach our younger generations about what's really important in life.


We do have some really good teachers who bring in their own curriculums and introduce the children to our REAL history. When the kids learn these things they are fascinated, astounished, horrified and truly interested in what occured.


Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it....

Here's a beautiful poem that I received from my dear friend Frank Everards. Wanted to share it with you.





To get in the mood of the coming commemoration of the D-Day events I hereby send you my poem. You may already know it. It remains unchanged over the years except for the date.... I hope you enjoy it. They are merely words, a small thing to say as thank you to all of you but it was written from the heart...



62 years ago today....


62 years ago today, upon the high waters' wings they came,

62 years ago today, searching for the unknown the paths to pave,

62 years ago today, shrouds of mist scorched by heaven's flame,

62 years ago today, invisible hands split open the beckoning waves.


62 years ago today, from within themselves they rose, facing their fears,

62 years ago today, soaked screams stilled by silent prayers of despair,

62 years ago today, vague silhouettes of men, surrendering silver tears,

62 years ago today, washed away the horrors carried on that morning air.


62 years ago today, thousand brave hearts, seamlessly melted into one,

62 years ago today, condemned childhood hid deep within the crimson sand,

62 years ago today, tousled signs of hope lay heavy like ancient stone,

62 years ago today, sculptured from deep inside by freedom's hand.


62 years ago today, sighs of desperation became victory's battlecry,

62 years ago today, sentiments of determination grew with each life that fell,

62 years ago today, weary eyes relating tales that lips learned to deny,

62 years ago today, tender tears sealed the remembrance of images they tell.


62 years ago today, memories loom up in their heartrending gaze.

62 years ago today, remembering those left behind, sets the heart ablaze.

62 years ago today, forever seduced, falling into the beach's embrace,

62 years ago today, upon their memory, a red rose I shall humbly place.


Thank you for all your sacrifices......


Words and copyright by Frank C. Everards - 2006

Great Poem !


it's our own responsibility to keep the memory alive ! To teach the nextgenerations so they won't forget what happened 62 years ago .

Have a look at this when url opens fo down tthe left side and click on WW2 then click on photo galleries 1-5


Marion's note: Paul great page! Here's the direct link right to the page you refer to. Lots of GOOD stuff. Should keep us busy for hours.

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