Full Version: Marion's Disk Of V! Corps
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:heartpump::clappin: Just played Marion's Disk for second time. It is wonderful. A lot of people owe her a great deal for spending a lot of time putting it together. Don't miss it, it's the best 4 bucks you will spend. Send her a little extra. All the baby boomers of the Combat Units should have it. Thanks again Marion. AL :heartpump:



Thank you for the nice review. I'm glad you are enjoying it immensely. That makes me happy. :D


Al is referring the the Slide Show that I created for the VI Corps Engineers. It includes the engineer photos in my current collection set to an Andrew Sisters' medley.


Just a side note: A few of you may have noticed that I haven't been around in the last 48 hours. Got hit with food poisoning or something to that effect. Spent Wednesday night very ill and Thursday all day on the couch, which I slept most of the away. Was feeling pretty darned weak. Am still a bit tired this morning, but feeling much better. :pdt34: