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Don maggi

First Sargent Angelo Maggi

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Hello everyone

I am trying to find any info on my late father, Angelo " Lou " Maggi. I have very little info to go by. I know that he was a first Sargent from a memory of his old uniform patch. I do know from his deceased sister that he was in a combat engine unit in Italy at the end of Ww2. He was on a unit that built bridges over rivers. He was born April 27 1910.  At the time he entered the army he was living in Paterson N.J.  Well that is all I know. If any knows of any unit rosters that might help, please let me know 


Don Maggi

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Have you tried NARA.gov or even Ancestry.com and the free military service records?  You could at least get a unit...which would enable you to really start to explore  Another source would be Newspapers.com, searching on the name to find out if there are articles either about is enlistment or his return home.

I know that my Dad was named in a local paper when he sent his Purple-Heart to his mother.

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I would start with NARA in St Louis, but don't get your hopes up because of the fire of '73. However, that is not to say you wouldn't be successful. Actually without me retyping everything, I have an extensive Research topic that I encourage every new member to read when they first begin. It gives you detailed instructions on how to proceed.


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