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1275 Combat Engineers, Company A, 15th Army

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Hi, I’m Judy. I’m excited to meet you all! My dad, Jim, was a T/5 in the 1275th Combat Engineers Bn, Company A, 15th Army, and served in England, Germany, and the Philippines from December 1944 to January 1946. He passed away in 1982. While reading a book recently called “When Books Went To War”, my curiosity was piqued about my father’s wartime experience. He never spoke to me about “the war”, but I have letters he wrote while he was overseas that contain scattered details of his whereabouts and activities. I started surfing the web, trying to piece some things together when I discovered the VI Corps Combat Engineers WWII web page. I was happy to find others who were following a similar path. Even though he didn’t speak of his war experiences, my dad was very proud of the German Luger he brought home. As I was growing up, he would occasionally bring out the Luger and let me hold it. He showed me how to load it and clean it and he spoke of its power. I was scared to death of it but at the same time, I knew it was a special, almost sacred, moment that I was sharing with him. I’m just getting started on this journey so don’t know how far my curiosity will take me. I wish you all the best on your journeys. 


JBW Jr Army Photo.jpg

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Welcome to the forum, Judy. Wow, I was drooling when I read about the Luger. My dad used bring his out on occasion too, and I always loved it. For some reason when he passed in 1967, my mom either threw it out, or gave it away (along with his German officer's sword), when they were supposed to go to me. I never forgave her, and she would never divulge what happened to those items. Makes me so sad. 

Do you have it? :pdt34:

Thanks for joining. Talk to you soon.

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