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Mark Vollmer

1301 Engineers (Company E)

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Seeking information in regard to my great uncle, John Henry West - his grave marker indicates that he was part of the 1301st Engineers - Company E.  He was a sargeant at the time of his departure from military service.  

John never married, and surviving family members indicate he was a "changed man" after the war - he did not talk about what he experienced.  I am going to piece together a brief history of his unit.  I have requested records through the national archives center, altough I am told that his records may have been destroyed in the 1973 fire.

Any information on the 1301st would be appreciated . . . Not finding a lot online.

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The records from NARA in Maryland are the archived unit records. The records for personnel were/are from NARA in St Louis. Two different places. Plus I encourage every newbie to PLEASE READ my post in the RESEARCH section, which contains pertinent information for anyone doing research on their loved ones. ;)

Happy to report that we have a ton of info here (the forum) and the main site on this unit. Please type "1301st" in the SEARCH boxes in both places.




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