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Restoring a '44 gmc from 276th engineers/remagen bridge. Any info pics please

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Hi All

Im in the final stages of my 1944 GMC cckw tipper/dump truck. 

Vehicle is on the road and already attending shows but I'm looking for information and pictures to make for more of a historical/personal display rather than just another army truck.

The truck came into service December 44 being assigned to the 276th engineers serving the 1st army. 

Its most significant role being at the remagen bridge in early 45. 

The truck has an 'in the field' engineered A- frame crane attached to the bumper, sommerfield matting sheets, dual front wheels and a fold away stretcher as seen in the sad footage of removing dead soldiers from the bridge after collapse. 

Also a baseball bat, glove and balls on display as I believe one of the 276th was a Major League Baseball star.

Other than that I don't have much else in the way of information or stories that I'd like to present as part of the display at shows. 

I'm after any information no mater how small about the 276th, personal stories, names, photos, details of battles and locations of 276 from Dec 44 till the end of the war. 

I have information taken from official us military records but it would be nice to back these up with more information. 

I belive my truck entered the end of The Bulge? It definitely saw service at remagen.Then I believe it worked up towards Prague at the end of the war but I've no solid proof. 

Thanks in advance for any leads, pictures etc. Please email me if you'd prefer 


sorry the pictures are not oriented, don't know how to.IMG_6327.thumb.JPG.eae505aa6f2cadb3796a38b0295e4b4b.JPGIMG_6140.thumb.PNG.b2c2428cd4e6327fb8eb6932e5f1b458.PNGIMG_6142.thumb.PNG.ea2ad8355c4c2f675d0c0908a0eeeeda.PNGIMG_6143.thumb.PNG.e2cd90d2507e88b7b5f4074db61db3bc.PNGIMG_6144.thumb.PNG.0c612e51c082c6fab49ebf0048bfb42d.PNGIMG_6262.JPG.8e4a4098e83a2e0e9d506e9ba8f36719.JPG

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So cool to see your dreams come to fruition. Excellent work. 

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