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187th Engineers

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Well holy cow, someone has been a busy little bee. These are fantastic and so many photos of various bridges. Tremendous. I just began looking and maybe only got half way through at the moment. Have a lot of perusing to do later this week. Thanks, thanks, thanks!

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Must have missed this topic. Great pictures! I plan on doing some sort of "engineering" in a 1/35 scale diorama and pictures like this always help. Of course, trying to depict bridges, etc. in scale requires a lot of engineering as well. One that I've always wanted to do but thought would be extremely difficult to pull of would be the "tank fell through the bridge" scene.





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Lee has gotten back to modeling, speaking of that! It has been many, many years, but now that we have a hobby room, he has some place to work. He is really enjoying it and obviously has not lost his artistic touch.

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