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An update by Don Burgett - 101st Airborne - all his books

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An update from Don Burgett regarding this Kickstarter Campaign and all his books.



Dear Backers,


We know this has been a long time coming but the day has finally arrived! Today we were able to finally click on the “approval” button to sell my four book titles under my own name via Create Space/Amazon - Print on Demand. www.createspace.com


First - It was a long and difficult struggle to gain ownership of my personal works from the publisher(s). A six year endeavor!


Second - I was naive to think that it was going to be a fairly simple task to republish the books, on my own, through print on demand. After all they were already in print…Right? Wrong! As I discovered, it was much more complicated than I could have ever imagined. Because I did not have access to the original electronic files; some, most or all of the book(s) needed to be scanned and then converted to an electronic word file. Within that process, many of the words, maps, etc. became scrambled, deleted, moved and/or misspelled. Editing was very time consuming. With the help of good people, we were able to make the corrections, do a final proof and now make available to the public my four book titles; Currahee!, Road to Arnhem, Seven Roads to Hell and Beyond the Rhine.


Third – Today I have placed a book order, so that I may ship out to my Kickstarter Backer’s the book sets that were promised. If you are a Backer that is to receive both, the four books and the new fifth book, I will ship the four books now and the new fifth book once it is available. Our hope is to have it completed and for sale by Christmas.


Fourth – I apologize for the long wait, and thank you for your patience and continued support.


Don B-

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Hello Mr. Burgett!


It is an Honor to be writing to you!


I am sorry to say that somehow I did not know about you or your Kickstarter campaign. But now thanks to your entry above - while I am too late for your Kickstarter campaign, I would like to start ordering your books.


I want to be sure that I order the books that you have personally published. So just to be sure I wanted to verify that I just click on the address that you provided above - www.createspace.com.


I am so excited to know you are out there! And that you have recorded these incredible memories is such an amazing feat! And that you lived and survived what you went through is again another amazing feat! All so unfathomable!


I can not wait to get started on all your books and can hardly wait to read Currahee - then I can find out your training and how you became part of the 101st, where you were in England, when you went into Normandy, where did you land, who did you link up with, and oh about another billion questions....


I checked on Amazon and see they have some copies of your book - but I do not know if those are the ones that you want us to purchase.


You know, I am so anxious, I might just order one of the Used ones on Amazon.


Again, it is an Honor to Know You!


More later,


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Jean, I will keep you and everyone posted on the progress. If all goes well, I plan on meeting with Don and his wife, later this month. :pdt12:

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