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Walt's Daughter

Farewell David Henry Lynn - 11th Armored Division

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I'd like to pay my respects and give my condolences to my friend, Jim Lynn, on the loss of his father, David Henry Lynn. I had the pleasure of meeting Jim's dad at one of the local 101st Airborne meetings in Farmington Hills, and he was a great man, with a wonderful sense of humor. I enjoyed getting to know him, albeit, for such a short while.

David Henry Lynn - 11th Armored Division.pdf

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Here's a note from Jim - He also sent a pic of the three of us. Egad, my hair was so short. Yuk, glad it has grown out. Don't like that look. LOL!





I hope all is well with you and you are looking forward to Thanksgiving as much as I am!


Back in June of this year, one day after his 88th birthday, my dad and I were guests of buddy Ron Springer at a shooting range he belongs to near Lansing. I had Ron surprise my dad by bringing his M1 Garand rifle to the range, this is the same rifle my dad carried in WWII. He did amazingly well with it and was able to hit spots on the target Ron called out. He got a kick out of this in more ways than one as afterwards he said that he didn't remember that the M1 had that much recoil! I sent the picture and short article into the American Rifleman shortly afterwards and when they sent me a note stating that they can't publish all submissions I thought that was the end of it. To my surprise when I received the December issue lo and behold there was the picture and article. To be honest I was kind of bummed about this as I did it to surprise my dad when he read the American Rifleman and I just wish they would have published it a month or two earlier so he could have seen it. At the Lunch Bunch this past Wednesday a lot of the guys came up to me to offer condolences about my dad passing but also to tell me how much they enjoyed seeing the article in the magazine and some even brought in copies.


I feel I was blessed to have my dad around past his 88th birthday and think I have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, I hope you do to.


Best regards,



Letter from Jim Lynn w pic of his dad he and I - October 2013.pdf

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