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Walt's Daughter

Farewell David Wagner - 39th Engineer

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You can't dispute it, my nature we are drawn to some people more than others and this was no exception.


It took me DAYS to post this, for when I do, it makes it SO final. Does anyone else feel that way too. It's as though if you don't talk about it and don't write about it, he is still here...


I shall miss you TREMENDOUSLY, David Wagner. I am filling up with tears as I write this. I hate this, I really do.


David and I (and his dear wife, Selma), became very, very close over the last 8 years. David was one of my first contacts and we talked via email and phone, frequently. I shall miss hearing his sweet voice and words. Hard to believe I shant hear from him again. But I have very good memories and will be able to hear his voice in my documentary. So glad I got his story.


Selma called me the very next day and left a message telling me of his passing. It took me two days to call her back because...


She told me, "David thought the world of you.." Oh how my heart ached.


So to my wonderful friend. I love you and shall never, never forget you. :( :( :(



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Marion, I know for you the heartache goes on and with the passing of each WWII vet we both sit and realise how much we all owe these men. I can only pay tribute to many of them I never met or even knew of, but my connection with the US Combat Engineers and you brings home to me our loss.



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Colin -


I know you of all people would understand this, but sometimes I don't want to make a new friend. What, everyone is saying??? It's just that sometimes I'm scared to become friends with a WWII vet, only knowing that our time together is very short. I guess you can equate that with an army squadron, who get a replacement in their unit, while fighting a war. They don't even want to make friends with the guy, for they realize that within hours or days, the guy will probably not make it, so they try and harden their hearts.


Of COURSE I do want to keep being introduced to veterans, but it just keeps getting more difficult for me. I guess it's a "job hazard", and one you have to accept...

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It is very sad and I understand your feeling of apprehension. I had that pang when I found out I was coming here a year and a half ago. I knew that even if the gentlemen I met at the reunion in 2011 were still around, they would be unlikely to be able to travel after 3 more years passed. I have also noticed that our WWII vets have dropped of the forum gradually. I believe there were about 5 regular contributors when I joined in 2007. It seems like a microcosm of the country (and world) at large. I was pleased to see the outcry when the WWII memorial was blocked off from visitors. At least people still care enough to be outraged by something like that.



Rest in peace, sir!!

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