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Walt's Daughter

Jack and Joe are mentioned in this 1940's song

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Received this request today from Jerry and Linda. Does anyone recognize this tune?



I have been trying to locate the words and music for a song about two men who crossed the ocean together during the war. Their names were Jack and Joe and it tells of the struggles they have during the war and when one is mortally wounded he ask the other to deliver his sweetheart “Nell” the sad news. My mom cannot remember the name or all of the words but I would like to get it and have some of the musically gifted of the family sing it to her. My dad did not serve in the war but worked at a local airbase during the war.

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I think its this one by Chet ATkin and Les Paul (the electric guitar inventor):


(with lyrics and video)

or a variant


and another video



Some older recordings:

  • Blue Ridge Mountain Singers, "Give My Love to Nell" (Columbia 15580-D, 1930)
  • John A. Bivens, "Jack and Joe" (on HandMeDown1)
  • Roy Harvey & the North Carolina Ramblers, "Give My Love to Nell" (Paramount 3065/Broadway 8080, rec. 1927)
  • Bradley Kincaid, "Give My Love to Nell" (Supertone 9350, 1929) (Brunswick 403, 1930)
  • [Asa] Martin & [Doc] Roberts, "Give My Love to Nellie, Jack" (Conqueror 7745 [as Asa Martin]/Banner 32246/Perfect 12744, 1931)
  • David Miller, "Give My Love to Nell, Jack" (Champion 15502 [as Oran Campbell]/Challenge 392 [as Don Kutter], 1928)
  • E. R. Nance Singers, "Jack and Joe" (ARC, unissued, 1930)
  • Riley Puckett, "Jack and Joe" (Columbia 15139-D, 1927)
  • George Reneau, "Jack and Joe" (Vocalion 15182, 1926)
  • Ernest V. Stoneman, "Jack and Joe" (OKeh 40408, 1925)


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How awesome is that? I gave me friends this link, so they will be able to read it. Thanks for your help. Once again you have proved to be an excellent researcher! :pdt12:

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Thank you so very, very much!!! I printed the songs and will have it sung by a couple of family members at the assisted living facility where my mom resides. A talent show is scheduled at the facility in the near future and we will surprise our mom. I talked to one of my older brothers tonight and he remembers, like me, when my Mom and Dad sung them to their seven children in the mid to late forties.


Jerry and Linda

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