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Nothing But Praise - Aldo Bagnulo

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Nothing But Praise - A History of the 1321st Engineer Gen Serv Reg - By Aldo Bagnulo - Edited by Michael J Brodhead


Well I received a signed copy from the Army Corps of Engineers' Office of History. What a nice gift to add to my collection.


Imagine my surprise though when reading through the Preface and Acknowledgment sections. Hey hun, I called, look at this!!!


Here is a note from Michael Brodhead:

What most of us here are involved with is the promotion and distribution of

the history of the 1321st Engineer General Service Regiment. I've mailed a

copy to you, and you are thanked, but not as effusively as you should be, in

the preface. We think it is a good-looking publication. The official

kick-off is a February 22d book signing at HQ in Washington; another will

take place in March at our building. We will invite Mr. C. C. Pinson of

Oxford, Mississippi, the one veteran of the unit that we located, thanks to



Many hugs,




The book is beautifully done, and I can't wait to read it in its entirety.


Here's the cover and the acknowledgment section. How cool is this? Many thanks Michael. I am deeply, deeply honored. Happy I could help to bring this to fruition. These men deserve to have their story told.




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Oh here is the related link on our forum back in 2008....



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You got that straight. Gee I feel like a REAL historian. I think I've paid my dues.





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To order this book or any other publication from the Army Corps of Engineers, please see the PDF file below.


Said publication is not listed there yet, but just jot a note with the title, if you are going to order. Thanks!


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Ah thanks for the BRAVO ZULU!

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The latest from Michael.... :armata_PDT_37:

Hi, Marion,


Good news: The National Association of Government Communicators awarded first place to Nothing But Praise in the category of hard or soft cover books over 50 pages. We are quite pleased. John and I attended the awards banquet on Monday and accepted the trophy. Thanks again for your help....


...I hope you and Lee are well.


Warm regards,



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