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1st LT John V Pendergast 135 INF CO L

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I have been looking for information on my wife's uncle, 1`st LT John V Pendergast, 135th INF CO L, a 6'6" red haired irishman I am told, he would have stood out I would have thought. I was just curious if anyone crossed paths, he was with the 135th I guess from Louisiana to Bolonga, was KIA Oct 44. HE had two brothers in the south pacific and one who never left stateside during the war.


It is nice to see so many vets and family of vets so active on the internet.


Thanks for your time here and over there, Roger Reynolds (father served CBI Theater 45-46)

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A warm welcome to you.


I'm sure Rocky will jump in on this one, since he is a member of the 135th!


Yes, someone like that would be hard to forget! But it would depend which battalion and company he was in, since we are talking about a very large group of men.


Let's see what transpires. As we've proved here many times; you never know what you might find.


I see you have also posted on the 34th' boards. That's great!


Merry Christmas to you and yours,





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Co. L 135th Inf. Regt. was the 3rd Bn. of the 34th RED BULL Divn. I was in the 1st. Bn. '43 to '45.

His name should be listed at the Gold Star Museum in Des Moines Iowa. We have our reunions the

first week of Sept. I will see if I can find some info. on him. Roque,(Rocky), Riojas

Hq. Co. 1st. Bn. 135th Inf. Regt.

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