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New Book: From Toccoa to the Eagle's Nest

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Dear All, Thank you very much to Marion for allowing me to post about a book that I just self-published called, "From Toccoa to the Eagle's Nest: Discoveries in the Bootsteps of the Band of Brothers." The book is available on Amazon, www.BookSurge.com, www.Abebooks.com and www.Alibris.com. Marion graciously suggested that I post here because she is aware of the time and effort I put in and our mutual encouragement about our projects.


The book is part travel essay, part history book and is based on the dozen or so trips I took to the places described in Band of Brothers. I ran Mt. Currahee (on a leg with a stress fracture), walked the battlefield at Brecourt Manor, found the field where Lt. Meehan died in Normandy, walked softly in the Bois Jacques, and ended up going to the Eagle's Nest and to the field in Kaprun, Austria where the last official picture of Easy Company was taken


Perhaps the biggest thing I learned during the trip was that while I admired the men of Easy, there were a lot of other units who saw brutal fighting and officers and soldiers who were incredible heroes. So in my section about Normandy, I wrote about the 502nd and Purple Heart Lane and the 82nd in Graignes, as well as the Pathfinders. In Holland, I wrote about the bitter fighting by the 82nd in Nijmegen, and in Bastogne, I describe what the men of the 4th, 28th and 99th infantry divisions did, as well as Team Desobry and Team Cherry of Combat Command B. And I described what the 502nd, 501st, 327th and 401st did, along with the artillerymen.


In 2008, I took a trip to Europe with an original Toccoa man from the 506th Regiment's 2nd Battalion HQ Company, Sergeant Richard "Red" Falvey, and I chronicled our trip and told about many men who haven't really been captured in the books out since the War.


In terms of content and accuracy, I went out in the field with a historian in Normandy, Holland and Bastogne, and got their input into the manuscript.


Thank you very much Marion and your forum




Dalton Einhorn



Marion's note:


Here is the direct link: http://www.amazon.com/Toccoa-Eagles-Nest-D...4109&sr=8-2

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Dear Dalton:


Congrats on a job very well done. I for one, know how much work and determination you put into this project, and it must be such a relief to finally come to this point; the publishing! You must be so thrilled and so proud.


I wanted to post right away and give you a pat on the back, for I don't think most people realize how important it is to give support and praise. It's been a long journey and heck, you made it!!!!


I can't wait to read it and will be ordering my copy soon.



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Oh God, me either. There are certain times when it feels like I won't get past chapter two. I know I am going to get a break soon, I feel it coming...

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