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Walt's Daughter

History of the Armed Ground Forces

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I ordered this from NTIS - The National Technical Information Service. The exact title is:


History of the Army Ground Forces. Study Number 22. The Amphibious Training Center


It was written in 1946 by Capt. Marshall O. Becker


I've just begun skimming it and I am very pleased. I've never seen any similar to it and it covers with illustrations, background on amphibious operations, activation and mission, organization, training at Camp Edwards and Camp Gordon Johnston and an epilogue. Good stuff. :pdt34:


It will come in handy for my documentary, and I'm also planning on copying it for the website in the near future.



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Danka, Larry. Now I don't have to copy everything myself. I can just post the photos.


I did post part of them this morning under another related post just today.

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