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Well lordie, lordie, lordie, did the sky just fall. What a nice, nice surprise. Long time no see Marilyn. And I really could use you this morning, for I have a terrible cold, just got out of bed, sniffling and sneezing, with a scratchy throat and watering eyes. Then I see your post and heck, it actually made me feel a bit better. Thanks for the medicine, girlfriend!


It's great to hear from you again, and I have to admit; what a time trip it was, reading all the posts starting back in 2005 in this thread. Wow! And one of the funny things? Seeing Todd's post announcing, "We have 500 members!" Just this week I posted, "We have 1000 members!" Look how far we've come.


Again, it's fantastic hearing from you. Don't become such a stranger, for it really would be nice to have you back.


Welcome, welcome!

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That was pretty interesting to see all the old posts. I forget how much is buried in the thousands of posts here. 500 to 1000! That's pretty good in just a couple of years!

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