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Guest Reno

Hello everybody

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Guest Reno

I introduce myself:

My first name is Renaud, 39 years old and French.

I spent 7 years in French Army in Tanks (AMX30B2) and I collect US WWII uniforms , vehicles and weapons for 25 years.

My thema is Operation Dragoon (I live in French Riviera).



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:pdt34: RENO: Welcome to the forum. :wave2:


Enchant to get acquainted . :drinkin:


I hope that you will be very satisfied here with all people. They are all very nice :pdt34:


RENO: bienvenu au forum.


Enchantez de faire votre connaissance .


J'espère que vous serez très content ici avec tout le monde . ils sont tous très gentil


véronique ;)

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Welcome Reno:


I hope you will enjoy your stay. As you see, we do have people from France on our forum, like Veronique. We also have others from surrounding areas who speak fluent French, and even several Americans who do too. You could say we are a bilingual forum. Many languages, so you should feel at home.


Moi, I speak a little and will occasionally throw some French your way. :rolleyes:


How did you find our forum? I am interested.


Accueillir au forum. J'espère que vous l'apprécierez. Nous avons beaucoup de gens qui parlent et a lu français, donc vous vous serez à l'aise.

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