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I borrowed this book from a coworker. He bought it from an auction for only a couple bucks, it's falling apart and in like 3 pieces. It contains many photos and short bios of West Virginians who served in WWII. My grandpa remembers when they were making this book because you had to pay to submit a photo. His mom couldn't afford to submit all 4 photos of sons who served so she didn't submit any. Therefore, lots of folks are not in here that should be.


This is interesting for me because I've seen photos of my grandma's brothers that I haven't seen. One died before I was born and the other I only remember as an old cranky man.


I grew up in a neighborhood with several little old widow ladies. Today I saw their husbands in uniform young and handsome.


Speaking of handsome... isn't this guy the hottest thing since TV dinners??


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What a shame that it had to come down to a money factor. Sorry that your grandmother couldn't have put all her son's in it. It's great though that you found other family, and YES, he is very handsome! -_-


BTW, I am writing this from Georgia. Have two more days of vacation. Couldn't stay away from the forum. Just had to check in this morning to see if you guys missed me. :lol:

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