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3-7-I Recon sent me this and asked me to post it for him. Great poem.soldier.jpg

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I haven't heard this one before. Glad you posted it here.

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Guest MyDaddyMyHero


Hope you had a good trip and everything went well. I am putting some of mommy's poems that she wrote on my computer to preserve them. She has kept them in this old book of hers and they are getting messed up. So I came across a lot of WWII ones that she wrote and found some she wrote for my daddy while he was away and wanted to share them with everyone.



Halls of Memories

By Alice M. Bittner/ Leckey




In the enchanted halls of memories.

Where you and I first met;

Is a picture of a boy and girl in love,

Time will never let them forget.


But cobwebs are over that picture,

For the boy has gone away;

He answered the call of his country.

And she waits for him each day.


Dust has covered those beautiful halls,

And the boy is all alone;

But his thoughts go back to the long ago,

And to the little girl at home.


And there she waits for his return,

For she will always care;

And she prays every night for his return

Safely from "over There."


So when the stars shine bright again,

And the moon is hanging low;

She will wander through halls of memories

As she did so long ago.


This is my second favorite one she wrote.




By Alice M. Bittner/Leckey


Someone is calling you home to her,

Someone is pining her heart away;

Someon's heart is breaking in two,

Why do you tarry, why do you stay?


Someone is homesick and someone is blue,

Someone is wondering if you are all right,

Someone is waiting back home for you,

Someone is praying for you each night.


Someone is wondering if you think of her,

Someone is asking where you are;

Why do you stay away so long,

How can you stay away so far?


Someone is longing for you each day,

Oh where can that someone be?

Someone is loving you hear or away,

And that someone is me!



I think these are great. I read by posting them or mailing them means that you have a copy write to them so I don't think that posting them if you want to will hurt.


Haven't heard anything from anyone yet on the letters that you sent. Thanks so much for your efforts.

Love Wendy Lee

Daughter of Vincent G. Leckey -o-

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Meant to respond earlier because I was very touched by the poems. Of course they always mean more when you can put people and places behind them. Thank you for sharing your mother's beautifully heartfelt poems to your father.



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