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    If anyone remembered dealing with the 504th I would love to speak to them. Regards, Jim
  2. Strikehold

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    Here we go with the liberal Blarney.............I mean Barney Frank style of rehtoric. I mean when Ann Coulter is your younger sister you know that dribble from a mile away. Alter boy Alter boy????? Your the one who keeps saying its not a sin! I am sure that Mr Knobs will be outraged at this indignation !!! Me thinks Jim means shots and Lobster, once again a faulty product of some Parochial education system. I am outraged and full of.................wheres that beer at????????????? Jiggers, As a BC grad nothing could shock you. My old man a Cross man told me that to get into BC you guys had to do unspeakable things with wildlife. I don't even want to start about your pal who serves at the bar! The only bar he ever showed brilliance at had stools! Jim
  3. Strikehold

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    Thanks for the welcome! Did your dad talk much about his duty near the Volturno or Naples? As for Jiggers and Jimmy they were the only two alter boys not to go public because they liked it. I hope Jiggers is not spreading his Malarkey(Irish for Bull&*^) on this board. Those guys are in real need of shock treatment and or a lobotomy! Regards, Jim
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    I was looking around and found this site on WBG.! Very Nice! Thought I would drop in and learn some history. I see your dad was involved in Naples Foggia(My dad was in Italy 504th Regimental Combat Team 82nd). I was in that area near Casino in the Mountains with my dad. I also was in Anzio with him to visit the U.S. Cemetery in Netuno. Regards, Jim