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son of a combat engineer

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  1. Can you post the pictures my uncle served in the 286. Thank you 

  2. son of a combat engineer

    Types of Engineer Units in WWII

    Hi Marion, Note that "Ponton" is a french word referring to any structure such as a floating bridge or a dock. I have two jpegs of the 286th Engineer Bn crosssing into Germany in 1944, after they built a "ponton" bridge across the river. One of the pics is of my father, major Robert Leslie Spence, and the others are unidentified.. They were on the march all the way from the Normandy beach head. I am not sure how to post them to your websiite, any advice will be appreciated. thanks, michael spence
  3. Welcome!!! You should find much to relate to your father and his experiences on this site and the forum .Let us know something about you and your father to allow us to respond to you .