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You asked for it. I will be 78 December 15. I am single now and have 6 wonderful children. THey gave me 16 grandchildren and 12 great grands with 3 more on the way! They keep me quite busy.


I wasted 70 years thinking I was useless as my Dad made me think. An old classmate helped me to change my outlook on life. I write my testimonies on several sites telling what God has done for me.

That has helped many young people look at their lives differently.


For some reason being reminded of my years since Pearl Harbor that God has always been with me when I a felt so alone. May sound silly but I was reminded that I had a birthday party the day before the bombing. It was early! Take a great God to give a little girl some pleasure just before the war changed her life and made her grow up.



I am so glad that a friend gave me the url for this site.


God bless you all



PS. I'm not sure what a signature is and how to add it.