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  1. Robersabel

    CIB's being awarded to com engs

    Portions of the decision by the Army responding to a request for the CIB: 1. The applicant, as the son of the deceased former service member (FSM), requests correction of his late father's records to show award of the Combat Infantryman Badge 3. The FSM's WD AGO Form 53-55 shows he was inducted on 6 March 1943 and entered active duty on 13 March 1943. The FSM arrived in the Middle Eastern Theater of Operations on 12 February 1944 and in the European Theater of Operations on 3 March 1944. He departed the European Theater of Operations on 13 December 1945. The FSM was honorably discharged on 30 December 1945. Item 4 (Arm of Service) of his WD AGO Form 53-55 shows the entry "CE" (Combat Engineer). 4. There are no orders in the FSM's service personnel records awarding him the Combat Infantryman Badge. 5. The applicant provided a memorandum from the Commanding General of Headquarters, VI Corps, dated 30 July 1944. The Commanding General stated that War Department Circular Number 186, dated 11 May 1944 established the Combat Infantryman Badge to be awarded to Soldiers assigned, with certain exceptions, to infantry regiments or lower infantry units for exemplary conduct in action against the enemy. He felt that the Soldiers of the 36th Engineer Combat Regiment qualified for award of the Combat Infantryman Badge within the spirit of War Department Circular Number 186. It was denied them, however, by the letter of the circular. 6. The Commanding General stated that Soldiers from the 36th Engineer Combat Regiment served and performed duties as infantryman from the Italian Campaign to the present. The Commanding General further recommended that the War Department Circular awarding the Combat Infantryman Badge be broadened or interpreted to permit the award to the 36th Engineer Combat Regiment. 7. Headquarters, 540th Engineer Regiment General Orders Number 24, dated 15 October 1944, shows that officers apparently from that engineer unit were awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge. 8. The applicant provided a letter from a former member of the 36th Engineer Combat Regiment. The author stated that all veterans of the 36th Engineer Combat Regiment were eligible for the Combat infantryman Badge. The author continued that he sent 70 pages of documentation to his Congressman and had the badge in about a month with an award letter. The author gave instructions on how to request the Combat Infantryman Badge through a Congressional Representative. 13. Army Regulation 600-8-22 (Military Awards) prescribes Army policy and procedures concerning awards. Paragraph 8-6 provides for award of the Combat Infantryman Badge. That paragraph states that there are basically three requirements for award of the Combat Infantryman Badge. The Soldier must be an infantryman satisfactorily performing infantry duties, he must be assigned to an infantry unit during such time as the unit is engaged in active ground combat, and he must actively participate in such ground combat. Specific requirements state, in effect, that an Army enlisted Soldier must have an infantry or special forces specialty, and satisfactorily performed duty while assigned or attached as a member of an infantry, ranger or special forces unit of brigade, regimental, or smaller size during any period such unit was engaged in active ground combat. 14. Army Regulation 600-8-22 provides, in pertinent part, that the Presidential Unit Citation (known as the Distinguished Unit Citation until 3 November 1966) is awarded for extraordinary heroism in action. A unit must display such gallantry, determination and esprit de corps in accomplishing its mission as would warrant award of the Distinguished Service Cross to an individual. DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSIONS: 1. The applicant contends that the FSM should be awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge for his service with the 36th Engineer Combat Regiment in the European Theater of Operations. He provided a memorandum from the Commanding General of Headquarters, VI Corps who recommended the unit be awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge and a letter from a former Soldier of the 36th Engineer Combat Regiment indicating how to obtain the award. He does not provide the source document that led this Soldier to believe Soldiers of the 36th Engineer Combat regiment had been awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge. Further, the FSM's WD AGO Form 53-55 shows his arm of service as Combat Engineer. BOARD VOTE: __XXX __ ___XXX _ __XXX __ DENY APPLICATION BOARD DETERMINATION/RECOMMENDATION: Please note, Army Regulation 600-8-22 (Military Awards) was not initiated during WWII. It was quite a few years after. The requirements listed in the above AR do not involve WWII veterans. For all combat action from 7 December 1941 to 11 May 1944, War Department Circulars 269 and 105 pertain to all Army combatants against the enemy, including members of the 36th. They authorize the CIB to “any infantryman”. I have been involved with this subject and contributed to the forum substantially. However, since I do not have a family member involved with the injustice, I can only provide, and advise. Solution: To contact a member of the Armed Service Committee. Request the Missing Medals Act be introduced to the floor of the Senate and/or House. The Act contains guidelines involving the Purple Heart and CIB. In order to enforce the guidelines, the Act must be passed into a law. The Act was prepared for all theaters of operation. Until enforcement is enacted, the Army will continue to violate the U.S. Constitution as it has since 1948. The following is paraphrased from a local attorney who provided a letter: ISSUE - APPICABILITY OF LATER POLICY In fact application of a later policy to facts surrounding a WWII event constitutes ex post facto application of law, specifically prohibited in the US Constitution by the prohibitions in Article 1, Section 9, Clause 3, against bills of attainder and ex post facto laws. Awards and decorations, like other rights, must be considered as of the date that the benefit was earned. Application of different standards, arising out of different sensibilities in different wars, wreaks havoc on any sense of equal application of laws. Please advise if interested in a copy of the Missing Medals Act. Robert
  2. Robersabel

    CIB's being awarded to com engs

    Allow me to remind you, Company A, 803d Engineer Regiment was awarded the BSM with CIB according to document by USAR. The unit participated in the battles of Bataan and Correigdor. Over 50 members assigned to the 540th Engineer Regiment were awarded the CIB in Europe. Ref: GO number 24 dated 15 October 1944. With the new administration in office, a number of family members have been attempting to seek POC to advise the powers-to-be what has been occurring since 1948 with WWII veterans. Violations of the U.S. Constitution by applying guidelines after the fact. For the decision makers, they are also violating their Oath of Office, a Federal crime. If anyone has knowledge of a person or agency this subject may be presented, please share. A family member contacted DoD IG regarding this injustice. They forwarded the letter to Army IG. No response since August last year. Has anyone thought of contacting DOJ?
  3. Robersabel


    The Arizona Republic published today reveals a Sergeant Bill Barnes, squad leader in the 11th Engineer Battalion, Combat. Photograph of awards and decorations includes the CIB. Robert
  4. Proposal to make CAB retroactive to WWII. This will substitute the CIB and deprive the BSM to no doubt thousands of WWII veterans who are entitled the CIB according to applicable guidelines. http://www.military.com/daily-news/2014/12/18/pentagon-could-make-combat-action-badge-retroactive-to-world-war.html?comp=1198882887570&rank=1 Several points I would like to share… Rep. Richard Nugent, R-Florida, has filed legislation for retroactive CAB authorization for several years, even making it tax-neutral by requiring those who might be approved for the medal to purchase it directly from the supplier. The House adopted his bills but the Senate has balked. "I've never gotten a good explanation for why the Senate is so opposed to it. “ Attempted to explain to his office the answer. >The Combat Infantryman Badge dates to World War II and has been awarded to soldiers bearing the infantry MOS in all subsequent wars and campaigns. Another mistake...the MOS was not required until 1951. Since discovering such injustice, I telephoned Rep. Richard Nugent (FL) who introduced legislation for the CAB. Attempted to give the answer but it was a waste of time... Army combatants who fought during the campaign were under War Department Circulars 269 and 105 retroactive on or after 6 December 1941 that did not mention MOS and/or unit assignment. Combat Infantryman Badge may be awarded to any infantryman. Telephoned Senators McCain and Flake, but also a waste of time since I have no family member involved. Not able to change the course. Someone must give a try by contacting their Representative(s) of Congress. For combatants who fought the enemy after 17 October 1944, particularly the Battle of the Bulge come under WDC 408, dated 17 October 1944 effective 1 November 1944. It does not require MOS of an infantryman, but requires the individual to be assigned to an infantry unit. Discovered a variety of possessed MOS's personnel held who were awarded the CIB according to guidelines. Robert
  5. Ref: http://www.pumphreyfuneralhome.com/obituary/Brigadier-General-Leo-E.-Soucek-RET/Potomac-MD/1196388 "He commanded the first non-infantry unit to be awarded the Combat Infantryman's Badge, the 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team's Regimental Engineer Company--they were reorganized as infantry at the front during an intensive, sustained combat phase of the Korean War. The 187th ABN RCT also placed an aluminum footbridge across the Ura-Kawa River adjacent to the Demilitarized Zone, following a history-making "heavy drop" on April 16, 1954. To that date, this was the longest bridge dropped in the Far East by U.S. forces." Robert
  6. Colonel Wendell Fertig (16 December 1900 – 24 March 1975)[1] was an American civil engineer, in the American-administered Commonwealth of the Philippines, who organized and commanded an American-Filipino guerrilla force on the Japanese-occupied, southern Philippine island of Mindanao during World War II. Ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wendell_Fertig Attempted to contact family member to determine several subjects. Colonel Fertig’s list of awards and decorations do not include the BSM (First OLC). No doubt he earned the BSM for being a recipient of the DUC/PUC. The BSM was awarded to all WWII recipients of the CIB. In the veteran’s case the BSM (OLC). If anyone has knowledge how to contact family member of the late veteran, please advise. Robert
  7. Robersabel

    Getting the medals you deserved!

    How times have changed the application of guidelines pertaining to the specific period of an act or wounds incurred sometimes leading to loss of life. The initial guideline for the Purple Heart during WWII was 22 September 1943. It covered the period "since 6 December 1941." Today, military personnel and civilian employees of the AF and Army are justifying denials based on guidelines after the act or receiving wound(s). Case in point, to determine if WWII veterans are entitled to certain awards and decorations i.e. Purple Heart and/or Combat Infantryman badge, AR 600-8-22, dated 11 December 2006, PL 104-106, dated 10 February 1996, and War Department Circulars covering the period after the acts during battles are being used to justify denials to such combatants. Acts and wounds incurred during WWII met circumstances identified in guidelines participants served under. History was made and cannot be erased or ignored. Yet, WWII and Korean War veterans and/or NOK are experiencing such responses from the military. ISSUE - APPICABILITY OF LATER POLICY The identified AR 600-8-22, PL 104-106, WD Circulars 186, and 408 for AFBCMR and ABCMR in these cases purports to consider guidelines developed in analyzing after the fact. The unfairness of this consideration is obvious. If it were to be applied to all cases, it would call for the removal of Purple Hearts and/or Combat Infantryman badges from those veterans previously awarded them. In fact application of a later policy to facts surrounding a WWII event constitutes ex post facto application of law, specifically prohibited in the US Constitution by the prohibitions in Article 1, Section 9, Clause 3, against bills of attainder and ex post facto laws. Awards and decorations, like other rights, must be considered as of the date that the benefit was earned. Application of different standards, arising out of different sensibilities in different wars, wreaks havoc on any sense of equal application of laws. The fact that the AF and Army, recently chose to change the policy relating to Purple Hearts and CIB cannot be applied to the facts of these cases. Robert
  8. Robersabel

    326th Airborne Engineers reunion

    Any knowledge if a member of the 326th was awarded the CIB? Robert
  9. Robersabel

    CIB's being awarded to com engs

    Took one yesr to receive response from DOD IG. Thank you for your correspondence to the Department of Defense (DoD) Hotline. In order for the DoD Hotline to initiate an inquiry of any complaint that we receive, it must be determined that: * the matter concerns a violation of Federal law within the DoD's investigative purview; * the DoD has sufficient facts to initiate an inquiry; * the DoD Hotline is the most appropriate agency to take action on the complaint. Based on a thorough review of the information provided, there does not appear to be a sufficient basis for the DoD Hotline to initiate an inquiry. Your request for reconsideration and submission of additional information must be submitted to the Army at: Awards and Decorations Branch - Policy ATTN: AHRC-PDP-A 1600 Spearhead Division Avenue Fort Knox, KY 40122 I appreciate your bringing this matter to our attention. Sincerely, Department of Defense Hotline _________________________________________________________ The above address is the office contacted previously. Their response was denial. I have contacted FOIA at Ft. Knox regarding the issue. Robert
  10. Robersabel

    CIB's being awarded to com engs

    I have contacted several offices of DOD, and continue to wait for a response. I would like to share WD Circular 105. I wish to bring to your attention the basis (or justification) determining the CIB is authorized to any and all U.S. Army personnel that met WD Circular 105, page 2, paragraph IV..Badge. The key word is [any] infantryman. This guideline applies to all U.S. Army personnel up to 11 May 1944 when WD Circular 186 was adapted. Obviously, it did not require a combatant to be assigned to an infantry unit and/or possess the MOS of an infantryman. WD Circular 269 was amended by WD Circular 105. Retroactive award of the Expert and Combat Infantryman badges may be awarded to any infantryman who, on or after 6 December 1941, has established eligibility and been recommended for such award under the provisions of paragraph 2b or paragraph 3. Would appreciate any response to a simple interpretation. Robert ========================================== Marion's note - October 19, 2011 - Looks like the Photo Buckets documents are no longer available. Sorry, for I have no control of off-site materials.
  11. Robersabel

    CIB's being awarded to com engs

    >If the French government can recognize our service men after all these years, then it is time that our government recognize them as well. There are concerned people that represent another country…the Philippines. Ref: WW II Filvet to lead delegation to US Congress for full equity http://www.asianjournal.com/fil-am-news/3-filamnews/9466-ww-ii-filvet-to-lead-delegation-to-us-congress-for-full-equity.html Next week a number of delegates will seek justice for Filipino veterans of WWII. What's puzzling is where is the support for American veterans that participated in the same battles? I was exposed to the injustice several years ago by an 89 year old retired USAF Colonel, a veteran of Bataan and Corregidor. He resided in a nursing home in Tucson, Arizona, and asked for my assistance in the process to receive recognition for his service as an infantryman. Various AAF units formed the First Provisional Air Corps Regiment, II Corps (PACR). It was lead into battle by Colonel Doane, 31st Infantry Regiment. There are descriptions of the unit’s participation in battles from four sources. The majority were taken prisoner, killed in action or killed in captivity. Those that survived, and repatriated during 1945, only a small number were processed correctly, and recognized fully for their combat roles. Records reveal the Bronze Star Medal [with] the Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB) were awarded until 2003. Congressman Patrick Kennedy (RI) presented the CIB to a former AAF member of PACR. A joint agreement on 20 December 1948 by the U.S. Army and USAF authorized all AAF personnel be under the jurisdiction of the USAF regarding awards and decorations. Exception were certain badges including the CIB. The U.S. Army retains sole authority to award the CIB. AAF veterans and/or next of kin are required to request the CIB through the Army Boards for Correction of Military Records. Currently, the Army Review Boards Agency, Awards and Decorations Branch, Ft. Knox, Kentucky refuse to recognize any AAF veteran the CIB. Such action is contrary to guidelines, dated 1943, 1944, previous action by the U.S. Army Reserves, and history of recipients they fought along side. Please note the previous procedure for several AAF units. The document was discovered in a POW's biography. http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v191/Robersabel/CIB%20To%20Airmen/?action=view&current=CIBAuthorizedToAirmen01.jpg One distinguished AAF veteran involved leading a group of men into battle was Lt. Colonel William E Dyess. (Dyess AFB, Texas was named after him). Records reveal he was not fully recognized for his combat service. He earned the Bronze Star Medal, Bronze Star Medal (1st Oak Leaf Cluster), and the Combat Infantryman Badge he never received. (Ref: 7th Bomb Wing Public Affairs, http://www.dyess.af.mil/library/factsheets/factsheet.asp?id=3803). Robert
  12. Robersabel

    CIB's being awarded to com engs

    I may not have the same WD Circular 186 as you, because I do not find the requirement for MOS of an infantryman. The requirement to be assigned to an infantry unit is valid, but has been wavered numerous times during WWII. The 56 officers assigned to 540th Engineer Regiment were awarded by mistake? How was Colonel Marvin able to order the awards with the Adjutant authorizing. Furthermore, the General Order Number 24, dated 13 October 1944 was accepted by the Adjutant General, Washington, D.C., Attention: Awards & Decorations Branch; the Commanding General NATOUSA, Personnel branch, AGO Section; and the Commanding General 7th Army, AGO Section. Were they all wrong? I believe I presented ample evidence that the CIB was awarded to hundreds of WWII combatants in accordance with. I can accept the recommendation by General Truscott. I gather between the lines you do not. Have you ever heard of wavers being applied? According to evidence they were. Finally, I am waiting patiently for a response to my letter from an authority even you will not deter. It will settle the disagreement one way or another. Robert
  13. Robersabel

    CIB's being awarded to com engs

    Jim, "Here is what Circular 286-1944 says regarding the eligibility requirements for the CIB according to the US Army Board for Corrections of Military Records." This particular action by Company A, 803rd Engineer occurred early in 1942. WD Circular 186 does not apply to the unit. WD Circular 269, dated 27 October 1943 applies. 3. Combat Infantryman badge.---Infantryman, including officers, establish eligibility to wear the Combat Infantryman badge by --- a. Exemplary conduct in action against the enemy, or b. By satisfactory performance of duty in action against the enemy in a major operation as determined and announced by the theater commander. “during World War II, the CIB was normally awarded only to enlisted individuals who served in the following positions: Light machine gunner (604); Heavy machine gunner (605); Platoon sergeant (651); Squad leader (653); Rifleman (745); Automatic rifleman (746); Heavy weapons NCO (812); and Gun crewman (864).” Your assumption may be accurate, but the requirement for MOS of an infantryman was not listed until the 1960’s. Records reveal even during the Vietnam War, there were personnel awarded the CIB without the MOS you identified. The time period of 65 years is irrelevant to WWII veterans that have finally “opened up” to share their hardships to those concerned of the injustice. Are you saying the Army Board for Correction of Military Record (Sole authority to award the CIB) made a mistake? The presentation described below represents hundreds [if not thousands] of like awards to WWII veterans. Robert
  14. Robersabel

    CIB's being awarded to com engs

  15. Robersabel

    CIB's being awarded to com engs

    >The letter is unsigned, undated, and carries no official letterhead. It would be very helpful if you could supply this information. It was discovered in the American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor site. Unable to locate author, but records reveal substantial number of veterans of the 17th Ord Co (Armored), 19th BG, 26th Cavalry, 27th BG, 192nd, 194th Tank Battalions, and 200th CA all participants of Bataan and Corregidor battles awarded the CIB. Regarding Company A. 803rd Engineers. Their combat earned the unit the 4th Presidential Unit Citation. I will share a document pertaining the unit with signatures, letterhead, and date. >How goes your campaign to obtain Purple Hearts for former POWs who became ill or were injured during captivity? "Ill" or "injured" never been authorized. However, the former AAF POW's wounded in captivity, I have been quite successful. In fact I received an email today from a WWII veteran that will be awarded the Purple Heart at Wright-Patterson AFB in the near future. It is unfortunate the U.S. Army continues to violate the UCMJ, and refuse to award the medal to former Army POW's with simular wounds incurred during captivity. Robert