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  1. Jim Davis

    Google Earth

  2. Jim Davis

    52nd Chem Co. - 39th Engr Regt

    Hello James, Question? Do you know if your Dad served anytime in Naples, Italy? If he did, can you give me dates and places housed and worked? Aloha, Jim James G. Davis, Member and Historian 1204th Army Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon North Africa - Italy - France - Germany World War II
  3. Jim Davis

    343rd Engineer General Service Regiment

    Seeking members of the 343rd Engineer General Service Regiment who were involved in rebuilding the railroad brigge over the Durance river near Meyragues, France between late August and mid september 1944. Please contact me (by clicking on his underlined username) Thanks, Jim Davis - Maui Hawaii 1204th Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon, the outfit that pumped out the containment structures for the bridge piers.
  4. Jim Davis

    New here!

    Hello Jelle, Jim Davis (Maui, Hawaii and Member/ Historian of WW II's 1204th Army Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon) here. Your message asks for info on WW II US Army Engineer units and their equipment. Let me introduce you to the near unknown WW II Army Engineer Fire Fighting Platoons by askng you to open these websites: "Fire Fighters in Fatigues" at http://www.maui.net/~r11 and "World War II Army Engineer Fire truck Identification" at http://www.maui.net/~r11/firetruck-id. If any of the info in these sites raises questions, please be in touch. If you find trucks in the ID site you might like to model please let me as I can supply much info on them, including dimensons and equipment. Aloha, Jim Davis
  5. Jim Davis

    Engineer Units in the ETO

    Hello, In a recent message I sought Engineer units who might have built a Bailey Bridge in Southern France shortly after the 8/15/44 landings. Have not located any units, but now have info on the bridge. It was a 170 foot quadruple/single span supported by two piers and bridging the Durance River at Meraguesse, France. The original bridge (carried a railroad up the eastern side of France) was partially destroyed by retreating enemy forces. The Bailey replaced the destroyed section. If any of this rings any bells, please share with me through this site or direct at r11@maui.net. Mahalo and Aloha, Jim Davis, Maui, Hawaii 1204th Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon WW II Marion's note: I combined both of these posts, since they were posted separately.
  6. Jim Davis

    Engineer Units in the ETO

    Hello WW II ETO Engineers, Were you in an Engineer General Service Battalion or Regiment that repaired a partially destroyed railroad bridge over the Durance River at Myrageusse, Southern France in September, 1944? The bridge installed was a quadruple/single about 130 feet in length and supported by two piers. Some of my unit's fire trucks and trailer mounted fire fighting pumpers pumped out the caissons for the pier footings. Like to hear from anyone involved in this job. Aloha, Jim Davis 1204th Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon ETO - WW II
  7. Jim Davis

    36th Combat Engineer info

    Hello Kelli, Looking at my lists of WW II Army Enginer units, I find two: 1. the 36th Engineer Combat Group that served in WW II in the Central European Campaigm only , did German Occupation duty and then served in all eight of th Campaigns of the Korean War. 2. the 36th Engineer Combat Regiment that served in the Campaigns of: Algeria - French Morocco Tunisia Sicily Naples - Foggia Anzio Rome-Arno Southern France Ardennes - Alsace Rhineland and participated in assaults (amphibious) in: North Africa Sicily Salerno Anzio Southern France. Think this was your Grandfather's unit. Please let me know how far you would like to go in your research. I can supply possible sources. From Maui, Hawaii Aloha, Jim James G. Davis Member and Historian 1204th Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon North Africa - Italy - France - Germany World War II
  8. Jim Davis

    Hello Everyone - Info on grandfather

    Hello Dan, From Dept. of the Army Pamphlet 672-1 "Unit Citation and Campaign Participation Credit Register" the following info on your Grand father's units: 276th Engineer Combat Battalion was awarded Campaign Participation Credit for the Central Europe and Rhieland Campaigns, a Distiguished Unit citation and Gemany Occupation credit, 5/20/45 to 10/31/45. 370th Engineer Combat Battalion was awarded the same Campaign Credit and Germany Occupation Credit, 5/2/45 to 9/29/45. Both these units likely came to the Continent via England. I can give you sources other the Nat. Personnel Records Center at St. Louis if you are interested. Good searching. Jim Davis, Member and Historian 1204th Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon North Africa, Italy, Frasnce, Germany World War II
  9. Jim Davis

    World War II's Army Eng Fire Fighting Platoons

    Hi Rocky, If not on Anzio's D-Day, the day after the 1206th EFFP now known as the 1206th Engineer Composite Platoon - Fire Administration/Fire Control went ashore. Reportedly on the first night or two on the beach the Platoon took a number of casualties including several deaths. The 1206th ended its war with participation in the North Appenines and Po Valley Campaigns. To all of you who answered my first post, Mahalo (Hawaiian for thank you). The EFFPs are not the only units of WW II whose story the Army has not told. There are scores if not hundreds of small units that are not known. And the Army's Provisional units even the Army can't speak of. They are lost forever. From Maui, Hawaii, Aloha, Jim
  10. Jim Davis

    World War II's Army Eng Fire Fighting Platoons

    Hi 540th Engineers, In WW II the Army deployed overseas maybe 300 tiny units (1 officer and 28 enlisted men) called Engineer Fire Fighting Platoons (EFFPs), the Army's overseas fire departments. The first ten, the 1201st through the 1210th were activated in August 1942 and the frst four (1201, 1202, 1204 & 1205) were deployed (to North Africa - Casablanca, Rabat and Oran) in early April 1943. In May came 1203, 1206, 1207 and 1208 - Algiers and possibly Bizerte and Tunis. Since Army historians do not create unit histories for units smaller than Battalion size these 300 Platoons are lost in the war's records. Those of you who served in Sicily may have come across the 1206th and the 1208th. And those of you makng the Anzio beachead may have met the 1206th. We of the 1204th may have met some of you on the beaches of Southern France on 15 August 1944. Did any of your units build the railroad bridge (a Bailey triple/triple) over the Durance River at Myraguesse? This story is let me ask "did you ever run across any of these EFFPs"? If you did how about contacting me at r11@maui.net to tell me about your meetings. Thank you and Aloha, Jim Davis, Member and Historian 1204th Army Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon World War II
  11. Hello 540th Engineers, Jim Davis from Maui, Hawaii here. In our Big One I was a member of te 1204th Army Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon in North Africa, Italy, France and Germany. Aloha, Jim