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    Rossendale, Lancashire, England.
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    WW2 History...especially the RAF.
  1. I must admit that have not read much about the heroic deeds of the French Resistance during the Second World War but this book ( which i cannot praise enough ) was a great read. One passage in particular, i won't tell you about it just incase you get yourself a copy, left me with a huge lump in my throat and reaching for a hanky ( i must be getting a bit soft in my old age). Take a look at http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/0...8525588-9035821
  2. Bader40

    Das Boot "Director's cut"

    Your spot on mate, Das Boot is, without doubt, the best WW2 flick to portray the terrible conditions and horrendous dangers faced by those brave men.
  3. Bader40

    Lest we forget

    Chucktoo, what a great post. It is always worth a reminder, even for people like ourselves, that we should never forget the dedication and sacrifices made by our armed forces.
  4. Bader40

    UK Veterans Badge

    Thanks Marion, enough said...next topic please
  5. Bader40

    UK Veterans Badge

    Colin, i'm sorry if i've hit a bit of a nerve with this one but i still think it's good idea.
  6. Bader40

    UK Veterans Badge

    Colin, you are without doubt a veteran and should be proud of the fact (i'm sure you are). I hope you have applied to the MOD for yours.
  7. Bader40

    UK Veterans Badge

    Ex Serviceman within the UK can now wear, with pride, a badge supplied by the MOD (Ministry of Defense), which when worn, let's everyone know that they are a Veteran. It's a great and long overdue idea. If there are any members from the UK who saw service in WW1, WW2 or even did National Service in Malaya, then follow the link and get what you have earned. http://www.veteransagency.mod.uk/vets_badg.../vets_badge.htm
  8. Bader40


    My pleasure Jim, welcome to the forum by the way.
  9. Bader40


    I remember watching The World at War as a child ( i'll never forget the theme music and the images they accompanied), i've watched many documentaies and this one is without doubt the best....you've got very good taste
  10. Bader40

    P-47 poster - Herky Green

    Congratulations, what a great poster. I would be proud to add it to my collection ( if on the odd chance that your husband hates it....some chance eh? )
  11. Bader40


    Welcome Galesport, Marion Rocks??? only after her favourite tipple me thinks
  12. Bader40

    Kraut POWs

    Great photo,when was it taken?
  13. Bader40


    It's only a guess (and i've not asked Google honest) does it stand for Amphibious Personnel Assault, like some sort of landing craft?
  14. Bader40

    Bloody Bandages

    Welcome 371 Recon, what a great post, i look forward to your next recollection.
  15. Bader40


    Well that's good news, i'm not gonna push up the daisies until i'm 88.