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  1. Marion, Thought I would stick my head in here, it's been a while, and you know why. I know that we do not agree with all of this, but we are friends, and we respect each others point of view. You have also been a great help to me in the last few days, thankyou. Over on the MDW site, we are printing up the 'on line' petition, which will close with over 8,500 names one it, from over 32 different countries, and every state of the union. The most amazing thing is that in the last 14 days, having had a brain wave on the spur of the moment to try and get as many vets as possible to sign, we have got EVERY SINGLE MAN that is still alive and was in the assault squad at Brecourt to sign, EVERY SINGLE ONE. Where that was not possible, we have a family member sign for the guys that are no longer with us. This has been a labour for 6 months now, and a labour of love, love on our part, and the part of each member of 'Easy', as Mr Jiggers knows well. People scoffed when we started this, but 8500 people later, we are there. The thing that I found to be the most amazing, is when these guys, say thank you to me, want have I done compared to them.....nothing at all. Marion, please let me apologise now if this appears to be a rant, or ramble, it is not meant that way. I am drained, emotions everywhere, but I am happy and proud of what we have done. Now we just need the powers that be to do the right thing. God bless 'Easy' and God bless America.
  2. poulter

    Dick Winter's petition - Please Read

    I have just lifted this from the 506th Currahee site, and I thought you all might like to read this. Upgrading of MajorĀ® Richard Winters DSC to the Congressional Medal of Honor - The Battle Cry, CURRAHEE! Has Been Sounded: As reported previously, Association Members in 2002 voted unanimously to support an effort to upgrade the Major's DSC to the CMH, our nation's highest award for valor. Update Info: on November 18, 2004, then Acting Secretary of the Army R. Lee Brownlee issued a letter the Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum in which he stated "After careful consideration of all the input, my review concludes that Major (Ret.) Winters earned the correct award for his valor. There is no evidence of material error or impropriety in the original processing of Major (Ret.) Winters' award. It is my determination that the previously approved award of the Distinguished Service Cross remains the appropriate award to recognize the heroic acts of Major (Ret.) Winters. This Currahee along with many others totally disagree. So the Battle continues; an effort is being mounted for the introduction of a Congressional Bill that if passed would only require the President's signature for the upgrading of Major Winters award to the CMH. So we encourage all to contact their Congressmen and also to submit an entry to the online petition at http://www.petitiononline.com/Winters/petition.html. While this petition is addressed and going to the current Secretary of the Army, Francis J. Harvey, it is being monitored by Pennsylvania Congressman Curt Weldon, who is working on the bill. Currahee! Airborne - Airmobile - Air Assault Gene Overton [C 1st Bn - 1967 / 1968] Cofounder / President 3/4/05 Letter Writing I have 2 comments to make about this, firsty, I feel that it was wrong on the part of the Secretary's office to write to Senator Santorum before they wrote to the major. Secondly, there is now new facts that have come to light which may well change the view of the army. Whilst I agree with all the sentiments stated here about letting the Major have his peace, and to be left alone, I hope that nothing I or fellow members at Major Dick Winters.com have done will upset his peace. I know we will never embarasse him or his family. In closing, kindly remember that all of this, the campaign for the upgrade was started by his men, not us, started by the people that really know what happened, they were there. Barry Poulter Admin www.majordickwinters.com
  3. poulter

    Dick Winter's petition - Please Read

    Well this is the very latest as at 2nd March 2005 http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cgi-bin/ge...41&position=all Read under Memorials on the bottom left of the page This is the start folks. Barry Poulter www.majordickwinters.com
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    Dick Winter's petition - Please Read

    Marion, as you know from the PM I have sent you, I regret not being able to post anything here as Hotmail, my e-mail host, is shot to hell at the moment, and I cannot get at anything. I have another message from our friend, plus some other interesting information, but that will have to go on the MDW site first, and here about 3 minutes later Regards to all Barry Poulter www.majordickwinters.com
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    Dick Winter's petition - Please Read

    To keep you abreast of what is hapening, the Payne petition is supposed to be presented to the President on the 25th on this month. I am waiting to have a conversation directly with Herm Clemens, who is the man that started all this with the permission of the Major back in 2003. I will tell you exactly what I find out.
  6. poulter

    Dick Winter's petition - Please Read

    Marion, You know my views on this subject. It is worth repeating here that I consider Marion to be a true friend and a very straight forward person. You know that I will always welcome you to the Dick Winters site, and I wish to go on record here, on your site, and say Thank you for all the help that you have been to us, and to me personally. You are more than welcome anytime. We all at the site respect your views. Truth will out Marion, have no fear of that, and if you will permit me, I will continue to up date this site as and when I can get the information. Barry Poulter Administrator www.majordickwinters.com
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    Don't forget the salute Private. I have just got a new PC ( the last one was a real relic and it has taken me a while to get it running right), i hope that neither yourself or Marion think that i have been neglecting my duty. To use those immortal words of Corporal Jones, "I'm Saluting you know Sir" This site is a real gold mine, Marion you should feel very proud of all that you have done here.
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    Hi one and All. Some of you know me already, like Bader40, and Waltsdaughter, just wanted to say Hi, and good work on the site Marion. I'll be popping in from time to time, and don't forget our other site Bader40