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  1. texas38

    New kid on the block

    Thanks, Marion. Hope you feel better soon. -- Marilyn
  2. texas38

    I'm here

    Oh, my goodness! That B-36 makes the B-29 look like a fly! P.S. Hi, Chucktoo! Marilyn
  3. texas38

    New kid on the block

    Hello Everyone, Long-time-no-see. Thought I'd drop in and check out what's happening here. Things have slowed to a crawl at WBG so I don't check in there much, either. Recently, there was a post asking why you joined WBG and I saw Capt O's reply in which he mentioned my name. Thanks, Capt. That was nice what you said. Also, thanks for posting that picture of the Friden calculator. I had quite a laugh out of the fact that you had to google "Friden". Just think: One of these days your grandkids will be googling whatever it is you used to do for a living. I got a Kindle e-reader last year and spend much time reading, especially while waiting to see the doctor. (It's called - shhh - aging.) It was nice re-reading some of the old posts from my friends like Roque. And I spend a lot of my time on the computer. It's my window to the world. Take care.
  4. texas38

    My man, the Contractor

    Thanks for the pictures. Interesting. The place looks like the eastern slope of the Sierras stretching into Nevada. Marilyn PS. Your BF is cute.
  5. texas38

    Capt Todd in Iraq

    Todd, Good luck to you, my friend, and may all be well. I am in awe of you guys who give up your personal freedom to serve our country. I wish I were young enough to go out and do my part as "Rosie, the Riverter" but they're not asking that of us these days. Too bad. Do, please stay in touch. It means an awful lot to those of us who have to stay behind. Best regards, Marilyn
  6. texas38

    Troop Train and the Camp Croft Connection

    Thanks for making the video available. As a little girl, I remember being held up at railroad crossings for trains. Supply trains were especially exciting to watch with tanks, trucks, half-tracks and artillery. But there were no passenger cars for the troops. I don't know where they went. This was in Southern California, the end of the line prior to shipping out for the Pacific. Also, I don't know if it's still active or not but five or six miles north of where I live and off Interstate 10 is where the largest Quartermaster Depot for the whole western U.S. is located. It was easily visible from the freeway until several acres of old vineyards were sold to make way for acres and acres of new truck terminals. Marilyn
  7. texas38

    Marion's Collection

    Congratulations, Marion. That's some haul. Amazing coincidence that it's from Dogdaddy! Marilyn
  8. texas38

    New kid on the block

    Marion, It was because of Papa Art that I put in my first appearance here. He knew you were struggling and in answer to a WBG member's question as to where and why he had been so long away that I decided to pop over and say hello. He was such a sweetheart and I, too, had missed him. I remember him telling me that he used to work for Friden and had I ever heard of them? Heard of them! Back in the days when I was first starting to work, they were a BIG outfit either to work for or to be knowledgable of any of their machines. In those days, I was entry level and knew that if I could learn to work a Friden that it spelled M-O-N-E-Y! To Captain O: Thank you for your comments and for taking the time to look up my profile. What a lovely compliment! Roque: We've conversed before but I've been away so long ... well, never mind. My, but I must say having read your posts you are a lively one! Marilyn
  9. I only knew Papa Art through the internet on two different WWII forums. He came across as a very kind and thoughtful gentleman who genuinely liked people and staying in touch. He dearly loved his late wife and now, happily, is with her again. He loved to regale us with his many jokes. Happy landing, Papa Art. We shall miss you. Marilyn
  10. HelloMarilyn;welcome ! I am Roque Riojas and reading your article, sounds like your uncle was in the 34th. We went in at Salerno and all the way up Italy. Thereis a museum in Des Moines. Ia. that has rosters of the Regts. of the 34th.

  11. texas38

    Willie and Joe

    What a nice story. I am so glad for you that you got not only a special tour of the museum but a copy of Bill Mauldin's cartoon that meant so much to you! After all, nothing is too good for you guys who served our country during the war. Sincerely, Marilyn
  12. Uh...sorry for asking but I can't figure this out: What is a "BTDT"? If the answer is not meant for public consumption, please send a reply via PM. Thanks, Marilyn PS. Any word on Russ? Has Joe talked to him lately? We miss him very much.
  13. texas38

    Patton Pissing in Rhine

    In line with the above subject re the finding of the Nazi camps and the liberation of the prisoners: I have a memory in my head from a black and white newsreel that was only about a week old at the time I saw it showing an American general emerging from one of those camps with his staff, et al., and he was crying. You could clearly see the white handkerchief which he was holding to his eyes and making no attempt to hide it. For a man to be seen crying in those days was considered highly unusual and not bothering to hide that from the camera only made it all the more unusual. Especially, a general. Later, when I got older I often imagined that this man was Patton but I don't really know who he was. I was only 6-1/2 at the time. Would any of you WWII history buffs know the answer to the question of just who this American general was? It would really be gratifying for me to put this mental image away in the docket where it belongs. Marilyn
  14. texas38

    Roque JRiojas

    Roque, Sorry to take so long in answering. I don't remember sending you any pictures but I did tell you about the 36th Division's site and the fact that they go on tour every year. It sure sounds like it would be one heck of a trip to me. I know my uncle fought there. I adored him. He was my hero. Of course, he never talked about his war experiences and is gone now leaving me to scrape up the crumbs and bits and pieces of history that so affected him till his last days. I am so glad I was able to contribute something of value here. Thanks, Roque. You made my day. Best regards, Marilyn aka texas38
  15. texas38

    Roque JRiojas

    Roque, My uncle fought in Italy -- all the way up the Boot, he said. Would you believe he got nary a scratch. You need to click here if you want to go back to Italy again. Scroll down the page till you come to "2006 RETURN TO ITALY TOUR." The 36th vets, family, et al who are interested return to Italy once a year to visit the old sites. They all seem to have a whale of good time. I've never been (yet) but it sure sounds like everyone enjoys himself!