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  1. ranwayb

    Finally made it back

    Hello Marion! I have been away from the site for almost 5 years! I can't believe it's been that long. I love the site! I see that there has been some additions concerning the 19th Engineers. Great stuff! I am working on some stuff concerning the 19th and would like to send it to you once I get it completed to share with others. I love the new WWIi Field Manuals! Great work you do!
  2. ranwayb

    19th Engineer? Charles Ellis

    Michael, I have some info on the 19th Engineers. I have part of the regimental journals and awaiting the second part which should tell of Lt. Ellis death. I remember seeing his name often in the journal. I would be happy to send you what info I currently have on him and the other when I recieve the rest of the journal.
  3. Looking for any info on anything with the 19th Combat Engineer Regiment of WWII. Would like to know if anyone was assigned to H/S Co. and knew PFC Grover (Cleve) Dunn, Jr., KIA 31 Jan. 43 near Gafsa, Tunisia. I have written a bio of him but would like to hear from other vets for a possible web page for these guys. Also, looking for new contact info on Tim Nelson who helped me some nine years ago. Email address that is listed on "memories of Tim Nelson" is invalid. Thanks!
  4. ranwayb


    Hello! I am doing research on the 19th Combat Engineer Regiment of WWII. I have previously written a bio of PFC Grover C. (Cleve) Dunn, Jr. KIA 31 Jan. 1943 in Tunisia, for my former VFW Post here in Kentucky. I myself was not an engineer, so I had no idea of the info available. This is a great site! I have already found some info that has been very helpful on the 19th. I hope to speak to JACE in the future as we share the same interests with the 19th. My ultimate goal is to start a web page for the 19th. I hope anyone with any knowledge of the 19th can help. I know that Cleve's sister was very pleased that someone actually took the time to search for her brothers info and she was very helpful as well with what info she could provide on this tragedy. I SALUTE ALL YOU ENGINEERS AND FAMILY OF ENGINEERS!! (Please don't look down on me because I was a lowly CAV SCOUT! )