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  1. rennog

    Battle of the Bulge Commemoration

    Hello you all from Luxembourg, It has been a while that I was on the site , I hope everyone is ok Like every Year there are some ceremony's around Luxembourg and Belgium for the Battle of the Bulge and I'll try to attend some of these. I will also lay some flowers at the Us. Cemetary in Luxembourg- Hamm and if someone of you want me to lay some Flowers on a special Grave just tell me and it's done Ps: Marion you're doing a great job with your site I wish I had more time to spent on it
  2. rennog


    What a f...... sucker.
  3. My deepest sympathies to you and your family from Luxembourg, may she rest in peace. Martin
  4. rennog

    My articles & book(s)

    Thank you that were very kind
  5. rennog

    Army doctor, 75, deployed to Afghanistan

    Wow what a brave man.
  6. rennog

    It's Flag Day today

    That's the view I have on my neigbors garden and he isn't a American!!
  7. rennog

    My articles & book(s)

    Thanks you're right it seems that I've overlooked it thanks again. Unfortunately it's only for Americans.
  8. rennog

    My articles & book(s)

    Hey congrats from Lux Do you know the adress where I can order a copy for European fellows? ??
  9. rennog

    Another New One

    Welcome and hi from Luxembourg.
  10. rennog

    Great links

  11. rennog

    Great links

    The greatest generation link http://www.tggf.net/ Veterans' Oral Histories http://www.britannica.com/dday/browse?browseId=237157 and from a french site a small movie http://www.thanksgis.com/thanksgis/movies/movies2.html
  12. rennog

    Great links

    Yup they use Quicktime player
  13. rennog

    M1 Garand

    Do you mean 50 BMG???? Wow I wish I could shoot one time with a 50 BMG,I've shot German mg 34 and 42 those German mg's were real killers the 34 shoots around 1200 rpm and the 42 even 14oo rpm, the British Bren mg was a good weapon to shoot around 700 rpm "not sure about", I was able to hit the target at 400 meter with 3-4 shot burst. I do not hunt because over here you need a Hunting permission and to get it you have to go to school to learn everything about the woods the animals and and and, but when I'm honest the first reason I didn't tried to get the permission I'm to soft for killing those animals. But I'm not against hunting not at all it's just not my thing My collection is pretty small now but there were a time I had 47 guns, I'm a wheelgun fan to the only pistol I like is the 1911 in 45 acp I bought one 2 years ago for 400 bucks it was a from a collection only minor scratches but never shoot I tried it once it's a tuck driver shoot there where you aim, I put it in my bedroom safe just in case of... My favorite rifles are the Garand and M14 but for match shooting I'll take the AR15 because it's accurate light cheap on powder and doesn't kick like a mule. Now I only own 1 ruger rifle the ac 5.56 it's the fullauto mini 14, I sold an gp 100 in 357 magnum 6 or 7 years ago. I read an article in the American Rifleman about the Ruger 50th Anniversary .44 Magnum "Flattop" New Model Blackhawk and I got the bug I'll see to get one I realy like that kind of wheelguns. Here a funny link for the gunners between us ah sigh I wish I had been born in the USA. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=58...686068870249151 Martin
  14. rennog

    Don Burgett folds flag

    I would be in Normandy this year but I can't, I realy would I envy Lennon:rolleyes:
  15. http://www.nat-military-museum.lu/pageshtm...l/synopsis.html
  16. rennog

    M1 Garand

    Chris your corner looks good to and like Marion I'm glad that it helps you to get back in good health. What is your favorite shooting Rifle or Handguns? I guess it's rifle because I only see rifle ammo in your shelf. Have a nice Weekend you all Martin
  17. rennog

    an elementary school WWII test

    I got an 8/10 I missed Rosie the riveter and the casualties question.
  18. rennog

    Memorial DAy USA

    Beautiful Photos from Margraten Lennon I didn't got your adress yet, send it before you leave for Normandy so you'll have when you're back!! By the Way enjoy your trip to Normandy:pdt34: , I wish I could go there myself
  19. rennog

    Memorial DAy USA

    Thank you for your kind words I was shooting a photo of one grave when she asked me how old were they I answered some of them were younger then 20, she made big eyes and remain quiet for awhile then said to me I'm sure they won't be dead and lying here I believe they want be alive, she was realy affected and so I was. I'm happy that you liked the photos I'll make an dvd with the movie and the photos and send you a copy of it. By speeking of dvd's how did you liked the dvd about the Luxembourg resistence members and the enroled by force? I can remember when I saw it at the cinema that I was real concerned about it, what the poeple endured during the occupation for nearly 5 years you couldn't say what you want, do what you want or trust someone.
  20. rennog

    Memorial DAy USA

    You're right Lennon, your School program is admirable how's the acceptence of the Kids I got a Cd with Photos from my friend Tom from New hampshire his father was in the 552nd Ordnance Heavy Maintenance Company Tank, if you like I'll make you a copy of it. It was a moving ceremony yesterday in Hamm my Daughter and I we shot a lot of photos and if you like you can view them here http://de.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/rennog/al...c089re2&.src=ph
  21. rennog

    Vandals in Europe

    I know I'm late on this thread but I just read it and as a Lux. I feel concerned about I think that this spraying isn't the act of Nazi's or want be Nazi's, the Patton statue and the Tank are about 500 meters away from the Railroad Station in Ettelbrück and since the Lux. Railroad company bought new Trains last year and want to keep them clean they guard them at night and now the sprayers needed something else to spray around in Ettelbrück and the Statue and aren't guarded at night so what easier to do it on a Memorial. This Sprayers likes to hear about their doings in the Radio, I'm sure they meant nothing of Nazisme in it it was just hey let's spray something and meant nothing. Here in Lux. the people who know what happened in WWII still admire the Allied and in special the USA for what they did, my Father born in 1940 has even today glance in his eyes when he speek about those Gi's giving him things he didn't knew in 1944 (Chewing gum etc..). I can only say for myself and for a lot of poeple around me that we are thankfull and that we will not forget what the Allied did for us, just don't put us all in a bucket with those stupids magots. Thank to our Liberators we are free HuuH. Ps.Sorry for faults my english could be better! Included a pic. from my neighboor from the left in a Winter Day.
  22. rennog

    M1 Garand

    Dear Joe your loading bench looks darn good to me , mine is a bit smaller but big enough to stay in business like you I use Lee RCBS Redding and Lyman dies. I owned a Russien SKS too from the fifties but sold it years ago. My M1A is not my favorite shooter too I shoot pretty good with it but I like more my AR15, I don't know but it's easier to make the points with the AR15. You know what when I'm back from the cemetery this afternoon I'll hit the range and smoke some 22's and 44's.
  23. rennog

    Memorial DAy USA

    Today at 2 a clock local time is a ceremony at the US. Cemetery in Hamm Luxembourg I'm going there with my Daughters and lay a bouquet of flowers to any one Grave to Honor them all, and to speek a bit with my Daughters why so many young Soldiers from overseas Died for our Liberty and now rest on our Ground. I think it's important to tell them because the youth from today knows less from year to year about WWII not even to think about WWI. How's is it in the US is the lack of interest the same ?? Have a nice Weekend you all
  24. rennog

    Mel Brooks - Combat Engineer?

  25. rennog

    M1 Garand

    Dear j3rdinf, You're my men till 2 years ago I shoot competition to and reloaded all my ammo myself, now with 3 Kids an old House I haven't enough time for competition. You have quite a collection of long guns there I'm just missing an M14 in the row. On the left in the picture is that a competition barrel for the M16 or Ar15? Over here in Luxembourg you need permission from the government to own and buy guns and for shooting you must go to an enclosed range, no full auto shooting is allowed but you can own fullauto guns, I own a full auto UZI, M14, RUGER AC556 and an AFN. (Same typ as the SAFN from FN just in auto) I had several MG's but sold them sometime ago and I should not have do that but now it's to late I wish I had a range in my basement I can shoot with my airrifle there but not more, I'm definitely born in the wrong country! Did you come through Luxembourg during the War? Here a pic. of one of my safe's I like to display the rifles on the wall but I think it's better to keep them away from the Kids.